Parents Are Going To Be Lining Up To Get Bugaboo's New Teeny-Tiny Ant Stroller

Traveling with your baby or toddler can be a little less hectic if you pack light. That's easier said than done considering your small child probably comes with a lot of additional gear to get from point A to point B. With compact strollers though, like the new lightweight Bugaboo Ant stroller, families on the move don't have to struggle with bulky travel necessities that don't even leave room for luggage in a standard sedan-sized car trunk.

A compact travel stroller, the Bugaboo Ant provides many of the comfortable features of a modern stroller in a small package. For instance, the Ant offers a height-adjustable handlebar, all-wheel suspension, and reversible seat. It also provides one-handed steering (a lifesaver when you're also trying to finish a to-go cup of coffee before it turns ice cold) to make it easier for parents to navigate any terrain, and the ergonomic seat keeps your kid comfy and cozy for the whole trip.

Its ability to fold up and get stored out of the way is the Bugaboo Ant's superpower. With folded dimensions of 55 x 38 x 23 centimeters (21.6 x 15 x 9 inches), this travel-friendly stroller fits into the overhead compartment of a train, airplanes (it's approved for 52 airline overhead bins, according to their press release), or car trunk with ease. It even works as a pseudo-suitcase: the bottom compartment stays upright and in-shape so that you don't have to decant its contents of toys, snacks, and diapers whenever you fold the stroller up.

If you've ever tried to manage air travel with an infant, then the idea of a stroller that fits in the overhead bin deserves a big hooray and are few and far between. You won't have to worry about it getting tossed around if you're checking it in at the ticket counter or the gate. There's also a pull-along trolley mode to make navigating that busy airport a little easier, too. And at only 15.8 pounds, it's not the lightest compact stroller on the market but much more manageable than most options out there. Available now on and, the Bugaboo Ant's retail price starts at $499— a steal compared to the high-end brand's heavy-duty Cameleon or streamlined Bee5.

The Bugaboo Ant comes with a variety of color options for the sun canopy, fabric, and chassis, so you can customize its appearance to your taste. Add-ons for the stroller are available as well, including a cup holder, car seat adapters, and rain cover.

This travel stroller can accommodate your kid through many ages and stages of development. It's suitable at birth and for children up to 50 pounds. In other words, it can work for your kid well into the toddler years. It's also compatible with different car seat models, and you can check the car seat adapters page for more info.

Image Courtesy Of Bugaboo

Even when unfolded and on-the-go, the Bugaboo Ant is still on the compact side. It has a stroller width of 15.7 inches as well as a maximum handlebar height of 41 inches. As a plus, its construction uses screws (instead of rivets), so you can actually replace parts if needed. And at the end of its useful life, more than 80 percent of this stroller is recyclable.

The amount of thought and care put into the design of this stroller is honestly impressive. Whether your family is hopping countries or simply navigating a busy sidewalk, the Bugaboo Ant is a tiny, mighty stroller that can get the job done.