Build-A-Bear's Limited-Edition Mickey Mouse Will Have You Screaming "Yippee!"

by Brianna Wiest

There's no doubt that everyone has a soft spot in their heart for Mickey Mouse, the iconic cartoon character that has acted as somewhat of an animation king for Disney, representing the brand in everything from parades to those famous ears everyone wears around the parks. So it's easy to see why the anniversary of Mickey's creation would be so celebrated, and this time, by another plush animal retailer. Build-A-Bear's limited edition Mickey Mouse is so cute, and TBH, really nostalgic.

Available now, the teams at Build-A-Bear studios have created two exclusive 90th anniversary edition Mickey plush toys: one designed like the modern Mickey we know and love, and the other designed like the cartoon's original sketch (in black-and-white and everything).

For $32 shoppers can get one of the two Mickey dolls, and then accessorize as they please. The outfits available for Mickey range from his iconic hat and robe from Fantasia to his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bandleader get up, reported. There's also an exclusive Minnie Mouse doll, as well as other accessories such as a tuxedo costume and anniversary edition T-shirt for the doll to wear, that says "the original" on it.

Overall, it's a super cute opportunity to get a holiday gift the Disney aficionado in your family will cherish for years.

As for the mouse's origin story, The Walt Disney Family Foundation claims that Walt came up with it in late fall-winter of 1928.

Exactly 90 years ago this year, Walt Disney was the victim of a serious robbery that left him destitute, and convinced that he and his brother, who were in business together at the time, were in serious trouble. While on a cross-country train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood, Walt knew that he had to come up with a new character to get their company back on its feet. After toying with the idea of a "lucky rabbit," a mouse came to Walt's mind, and the rest was history.

He popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when the business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb, and disaster seemed right around the corner,” Walt said, according to the foundation.

However, the exact date of Mickey's birthday is somewhat left up to interpretation.

The foundation continued to explain that Mickey's birthday was swapped throughout the first few decades following 1928, mostly for promotional reasons. However, Walt himself knows the real date: "Mickey Mouse will be five years old on Sunday. He was born on October 1, 1928. That was the date on which his first picture was started, so we have allowed him to claim this day as his birthday," he said, according to the foundation.

Now, there are worldwide celebrations to commemorate the iconic character's 90 years of existence.

For example, Google Home is celebrating his birthday with an exclusive Mickey-themed shaped device, reported. Brands from Rag & Bone to Vans to Coach are all releasing special merchandise that's Mickey-themed, Brit & Co reported, and if that's not enough to convince you that Mickey mania has not waned over the years, CNN reported on Nov. 19 that fans in Japan were warned of a "11 hour queue" of people all waiting to meet Mickey at an event.

It's clear that Mickey is more than a cultural staple, he's an icon that's even more relevant than ever nearly a century after his creation (can you imagine what his 100th anniversary celebrations will be like?) So take your kids or parents or whomever in your life is a huge Disney fan and treat them for a reasonably affordable gift this holiday... it's something they'll probably keep forever.