Bulletproof Blankets For Schools Are Here, Because That's A Legitimate Concern Now

I cannot believe it has come to this, but it has: America now has so many mass shootings, and so many school shootings, bulletproof blankets for schools are now for sale. Created by ProTecht, the Bodyguard Blanket is a 5/16-inch bulletproof pad made from the same materials used by our military. According to the company’s website, the protective “gear” is not only bullet-resistant protection, it will absorb “the bullet’s energy to a significant degree, thereby lessening blunt force trauma incurred on the body.”

Oh, did I mention these blankets come in different sizes?

While their price point makes them an unreasonable investment for most institutions — the blankets start at $1011.49 — I get it. People everywhere have been crying “we need to do something” and “we need to protect our children.” But this... this I didn’t see coming. It is depressing to know we live in a world where this type of product has a market. It is depressing to know we live in a world where this has a purpose. And it is depressing to imagine our educators, our daycare providers, and our children using these “blankets.” But it's a depressing reality we must face. This where we are.

Here are some facts about the Bodyguard Blanket, according to the manufacturer:

  • When seconds count, Bodyguard Blanket can provide a simple solution for maximum protection against a school intruder.
  • Bodyguard blanket can be easily fastened around a child or adult, and is lightweight.
  • Bodyguard blanket can provide protection in many settings when used properly. Those settings include homes, the highway (cars and trucks), workplaces, shopping centers, amusement parks, and sporting events.

I think it's important to note the makers of Bodyguard Blanket are not condoning gun violence; the saw a need they could potentially fill in a really bad, really scary, and really dangerous situation. They are selling a product designed to protect people in that situation, and whether or not you think schools and institutions should purchase the product (Would doing so signal acceptance of the status quo? Does it matter, if the blankets save even one kid?), they deserve credit for that: They mean for these blankets to prevent injury and death. They are actively trying to make a difference. That's something.

Image: Bodyguard Blanket/YouTube