The Busby Quints Zodiac Signs Reveal The Kiddos Are Natural Leaders

It might seem like yesterday for some OutDaughtered fans, but the Busby quints (Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Parker and Riley Busby) were born four years ago. Time flies, doesn't it? And now that they're getting older, their little personalities are starting to develop, especially in the context of astrology. As it turns out, the Busby quints zodiac signs reveal the kiddos are natural born leaders. Translation: Watch out world.

The adorable Busby quints were born on April 8, 2015 in Houston, Texas, meaning their sign is Aries. Applying to those born between March 21 and April 19, an Aries person can be strong, hard-working, determined, confident, and fun-loving, to name a few qualities, according to Refinery29. What's more? Aries is a fire sign, meaning people under this sun sign can be fierce, according to Everyday Health.

Fire signs tend to give 100 percent in life, make friends easily, and are always up for an adventure, according to Your Tango. But on the flip side, this strong sign (boss ladies Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga fall under this sun sign) they can be a little too assertive and are prone to overworking, according to Everyday Health.

Okay, but wait a minute: Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Parker and Riley Busby are only 4 years old, after all, and i'm not exactly worried about their futures as Aries women just yet.

So, how are the girls represent their Aries traits as kids? Aries kids can be strong-willed, quick-thinking, and independent. Oh, and they're little stars in the making.

"Aries babies often come into the world quiet and self-possessed. Then, one day, they discover their vocal chords and out come the showstoppers," AstroStyle says about Aries children. "Get the sparkly costumes ready: your Aries may beg to audition for the kids’ episode of 'Star Search' Even if they don’t have aspirations for the limelight, they will still need plenty of attention, especially from their favorite adult."

Aries kids can be a bit fiery too, as fans might have noticed when Riley missed a family photo because she too busy riding her scooter, or when feisty Parker, the youngest of the quints, crawled and walked before the others and hasn't stopped speeding since, according to InTouch Weekly.

So sure, while it's seems clear the Busby gals are Aries through and through (and I think this is a good thing because they will be able to keep their individuality even among so many siblings) parents Adam and Danielle Busby would have their hands full no matter what sun sign their adorable kids were.

Speaking of being busy, Adam told Parade in 2017 that he is always on-the-go. “Usually, the mom takes on most responsibilities having to do stuff like fixing hair, picking out outfits and matching hair bows with outfits for the girls,” Adam told Parade magazine in 2017 about life with so many young ladies. “When you have six of them, you find yourself right in the middle of that. I’m better with a round brush than Danielle!”

As the kiddos get older, I have a feeling things will get more even more hectic. And I'm also pretty sure the Busby quints will rule the world some day, at least based on their sun signs.