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Busy Philipps Staged A Production Of 'Wicked' For Elf On The Shelf & It's Amazing

Busy Philipps is one of those celebrity moms that others (rightfully) admire. Not only does she make things look easy, but she isn't afraid to be honest about what it's like to be a parent to her two daughters — 10-year-old Birdie and 5-year-old Cricket — on social media. And moms will definitely admire her a bit more after seeing that Busy Philipps elaborately staged a production of Wicked for her Elf on the Shelf, which was so incredibly epic.

There are only two day left until Christmas, which means that it is pretty much here. This is so incredibly exciting for so many reasons — it's finally time to eat a delicious meal, open presents, and have a cozy night in spent with loved ones. But it's also going to be so exciting once Christmas is finally over. Parents will no longer have to worry about finding the perfect presents for their kids, having the perfect Christmas decorations, and taking the perfect Christmas card photo. Most importantly, they won't have to worry about putting their Elf on the Shelf in unique and creative ways to please their kids.

Seriously, after seeing Philipps' newest Elf on the Shelf Instagram post, parents are going to be so relieved that they only have two more days of doing Elf on the Shelf, because her post puts everyone to shame.

In a photo, posted to her account on Saturday, Philipps shared that she had staged her daughters' Elf on the Shelf to be attending a staging of the musical, Wicked. Yeah, she went there.

Using her daughters' LOL Surprise dolls, Philipps creatively staged the musical, even going as far as to paint one of the doll's faces green to look like the character, Elphaba, from the musical. She even went as far as to print out miniature Playbills for each LOL Surprise doll to really make it look like they were attending a musical. The entire set up is absolutely perfect, and was inspired by a recent outing that she had with her daughters.

"The girls and I saw Wicked yesterday and WHAT DO YOU KNOW — the elves and LOLs put on a production of it last night too," Philipps wrote in the caption of the photo.

Of course, her followers on Instagram were super impressed by her creativity.

"You're the queen," one commenter wrote. "That's it. I give up on everything."

"You are so amazing OMG," another commenter added.

"Your Elf on the Shelf game is STRONG!!," another commenter perfectly stated.

There's a reason why people are so impressed with her. It's because Elf on the Shelf is notorious for giving parents a serious creativity burn out, according to TODAY. The Elf is meant to be placed around the house in a new position every day leading up until Christmas day, according to Country Living. But it takes some serious work and creativity, especially when there are parents out there (like Philipps) are posting their beautiful creations on Instagram to one-up every parent out there.

All jokes aside, people have to admire Philipps for her hard work and trying to make the holidays as perfect as possible for her daughters. Although the holidays make people super stressed out, Philipps told USA Today that she looks forward to the holidays every year. Philipps said:

I think people get very bogged down in feeling overwhelmed. But, the holidays are a wonderful time. It's a chance to see our friends, sometimes the ones you only see once a year.

But Philipps also told USA Today that her daughters look forward to Christmas the most, especially because that involves seeing their Elf on the Shelf in a new set up each day.

Although the days to set up Elf on the Shelf might be numbered, people can use Philipps' incredible set up as inspiration for next year before the burn out hits.

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