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Busy Philipps Spent Her Fourth Of July Saving A Life

by Casey Suglia

For parents with young children, the Fourth of July is nothing if not eventful. Between keeping tabs on the little ones to make sure they don't go near anything that contains the words "fire" and "work" and then dealing with the tantrums that come from hearing the loud noises, children can be a handful, to say the least. Celebrity mom Busy Philipps knows this all too well. As a mom to two young girls, Busy Philipps spent her Fourth of July being a literal life saver, jumping fully clothed into a pool to save her youngest — no exaggeration.

It wouldn't be the Fourth of July without a child sending their parent into full-on panic mode, right? In an Instagram post shared to her account on the holiday, Philipps dove deep into the story (and her friend's pool) of just how her youngest daughter, 4-year-old Cricket, sent Philipps for a little swim after the little one nearly toppled over the edge of an infinity pool. The good news: No one was hurt. But Philipps' terrifying story is an instance that many parents can relate to, especially during the summer months when kids seem especially prone to taking a tumble or getting themselves injured in some way.

Philipps, embracing the humor of the situation, took a photo to commemorate the experience and wrote in the caption:

Just had to jump into my friends pool with my clothes on cause Cricket was on a pool float that was about to go over the edge of the infinity pool and there was no one to help her in the pool and that's just what you do I guess. She's fine. So am I. But I'm pretty soaking wet. So there's that. HAPPY 4TH.

While infinity pools (or swimming pools with an invisible edge) look a little more dangerous than they actually are (most have a basin below the edge to catch the water), according to Pool Pricer, it is possible to fall over the edge and get seriously injured from it, especially if you're a little kid.

Philipps took to her Instagram Story after the incident, according to People, to explain what happened during the rescue, which she described as not "an emergency situation," but still a scary incident nonetheless. "Cricket was on the float screaming 'Help, help!' and there was no one else that could do it," Philipps said. "So I had to jump in with my dress on and rescue her. And now I'm wet and uncomfortable and it's so humid here, I'm never drying off. But it's okay. Cricket didn't go over the edge of the infinity pool."

Thank goodness Cricket was okay (and that Philipps thought to capture the moment all on camera for the rest of us). Nothing like a little danger on the Fourth of July to liven up a family get-together, I guess.