The Creators Of Fingerlings Are Introducing A Stinky New Toy

by Christina Montoya Fiedler

Kids love gross things. Case in point? Potty talk is one of their favorite pastimes, with farts being one of their most side-splitting topics. Remember, the good old whoopie cushion? There was a reason that toy was so popular. Combine that with the fact that today is National Pass Gas Day, and you've got the perfect set-up for WowWee's new toy announcement. Buttheads, a new toy from the makers of Fingerlings, might make your house a bit stinkier.

There are four Buttheads in all, including the Grim Ripper (a grim reaper, fittingly enough), Tushi (a ninja), Robutt (a robot), and Brainfart (a zombie), according to

Catch a whiff of this: Each 5-inch tall, butt-faced toy comes with 20 built-in sound effects, most of which are (you guessed it) fart-related, according to Plus they come with trading cards that come with "unique smells and stats." What more could a kid want, really?

Buttheads are the newest toy from WowWee, the makers of the massively popular furry animal-inspired Fingerlings, as well as their dinosaur counterparts, Untamed. In fact, three of the company's toys (those mentioned above plus the board game "What's That Smell") made Amazon's list of top 100 toys of 2018.

Buttheads will be stinking up Walmart shelves later this month, before heading to other retailers in March, according to a press release.

You can interact with the characters in three different ways. Pulling their finger, naturally, results in a gross reaction. You can also "set a stink bomb to prank your friends and family, or challenge your friends to a stinky duel," according to a press release. Plus, with their accompanying trading cards, kids can collect them and trade with one another, if that's something they're into.

Each Butthead character (plus the accompanying trading cards) will retail for about $10. The toys are suggested for kids ages 5 and above, though, of course, parents need to determine at what age they might be appropriate for their child.

But despite kids (and at least some parents, apparently) finding them funny, it's still unclear just what it is that makes them laugh so much. Buttheads, however, were made with that understanding in mind. The toys are meant to capitalize on kids' senses of humor. Though some parents might think these kinds of toys are silly, tapping in to things that kids find fun or funny is, after all, what their toys are meant to do in the first place. So, it's pretty much a sure bet these toys are going to be winners amongst potty humor loving kids.

Parents may want to grab these while they're hot, because if it's anything like the excitement surrounding Fingerlings, these Buttheads — in all of their stinky, smelly, noisy glory — are going to fly off the shelves.

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