Caelynn Is Digging Up All Of The Dirt On Hannah B On 'The Bachelor'

After an incredibly long premiere (did America really need all of those viewing parties and the "Goose" reporting live from a hot tub?) The Bachelor has delivered its first dose of drama. It all went down when Caelynn dropped some scalding hot tea about Hannah B, her former roomie when they competed for Miss USA. Needless to say, Twitter is here for the fallout.

In case you didn't know already, both Caelynn and Hannah B hail from the pageant world. Caelynn was named Miss North Carolina in 2018, according to ABC, while Hannah B snagged the title of Miss Alabama in 2018.

I'm not sure how this entire system works, but the ladies competed for the big enchilada — aka Miss USA — after winning the respective title in their home states. The two roomed together during the competition, a fact Caelynn revealed during Monday night's episode. Pageantry seems to breed drama in general, but things between the two supposedly soured after Caelynn was named first runner-up at Miss USA. Caelynn's sucesss — in her view — was amplified because Hannah B didn't make it into the top 15 contestants.

After Hannah B scored the one-on-one date with Colton on what happened to be her birthday, Caelynn — who was probably a bit salty about the whole thing — decided to imply that her former roomie has a dark side and is seconds away from snapping. "With Hannah, there's a facade and then it starts to crumble," she explained.

You officially have my attention, Caelynn.

Whether Caelynn's take on Hannah B is accurate remains to be seen, but one thing is clear — Twitter is living for this rivalry and gossip.

"This tea with Hannah B #MissAlabama and Caelynn #MissNorthCarolina is WILD," one person wrote. "We READY whenever yall are (& i kinda believe Caelynn. Something is off with Hannah B). TIME WILL TELL."

"Can we please please please get a two on one date with Hannah B and Caelynn where they have to compete Miss USA style," one person wrote.

Another fan joked: "Caelynn talking about Hannah B. Switching like we’re watching a episode of Snapped."

"Caelynn exposing Hannah B. is what we deserve," someone else said. "Also does anyone else think Caelynn looks a little like @jadelizroper."

"I need to see a fight between Hannah B and Caelynn," one very honest commenter wrote.

As for commenters who are already predicting a two-on-one date featuring Hannah B and Caelynn, I think you're right on the money. The producers didn't pick these ladies out of thin air — in fact, I bet they just about lost it when they learned about this epic rivalry. These two were destined to face off on The Bachelor, and as True Detective's Rust Cohle would say, time is a flat circle.

Of course, it's possible Hannah B won't make it to the infamous two-on-one date. Some fans suggested that Colton's rose to Hannah B tonight was given out of sympathy (it's not exactly bachelor behavior to dump someone on their birthday), while others said their chemistry is non-existent.

No matter what happens with Hannah B and Colton, I can 100 percent say with confidence there will be drama with Caelynn going forward. Let the games begin.

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