Caleb & Hanna Should Get Back Together On 'Pretty Little Liars', & Here's Why

During the second half of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 there was a time jump that broke all Caleb and Hanna shippers' hearts. Fans found the liars in completely different stages of their lives, none of them with their high school partners anymore. Although in real life, most people don't marry who they dated in high school, in Pretty Little Liars it's kind of expected. Especially when it comes to "Haleb", which is why Hanna and Caleb should really get back together.

These two were absolutely perfect together. Sure they had their issues but they always overcame them and became stronger because of it. So to discover that not only did they break up during the five year time jump but also that Hanna was engaged to some random guy was too much. Then to make matters even worse, Spencer and Caleb started dating and Hanna even gave them her blessing! Why Hanna?

But in the Season 6 finale, Haleb shippers finally got some hope. Hanna explained to Caleb that she still loved him and that when she left him for work however many years ago she actually went back but he was already gone. And then they kissed! Sure, that was kind of rude to Spencer, but cheating aside it was a pretty great kiss and just another sign that they need to get back together. If that's not enough to convince you here's a few more reasons.

Hanna Took Caleb In

After Hanna and Aria discovered that Caleb had been living in the school, Hanna decided to take him in. Of course, Hanna also benefited from this set up, but she also really did just want to help Caleb and make sure he was safe.

Caleb Has Hanna's Mom's Approval

At first, Ashley Marin wasn't a big fan of Caleb, but that's mostly because he was sleeping in her house without her permission. Once they got past that, Ashley loved Caleb and still does. She's basically the captain of the Haleb ship.

They're Comfortable Opening Up To Each Other

Caleb is the first boyfriend Hanna really let herself open up to. She told him about camp and her parents' divorce and how much that hurt her. In return, he told her about being in foster care and how his biological mother left him behind. Their relationship isn't just about the hot hook-ups, instead it is about really knowing and loving every part of each other.

Caleb Was Hanna's First

Of course you don't have to end up with the person you lose your virginity to, but there's something sweet about the idea that Hanna shared this moment with Caleb. Especially because Hanna had really deep insecurities about herself, so opening herself up to Caleb this way was really special.

They Still Love Each Other

OK, so technically Caleb didn't say it back but that kiss! It said everything that needed to be said. Plus, did you see how worried Caleb was when Hanna said she'd be the bait and then when she went missing?