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Cameran Eubanks' Breastfeeding Instagrams Show Her Journey Hasn't Been An Easy One

Cameran Eubanks is one of the stars of Southern Charm, a docuseries on the Bravo TV network. But you might also know her from her funny, insightful, "mommy blogging" style posts on social media. Eubanks has always kept it real when it comes to the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and that includes breastfeeding. In particular, Cameran Eubanks' breastfeeding Instagrams have been especially relatable for moms, but her latest one is receiving some pretty mixed reactions in spite of its honesty.

The Bravo reality TV personality gave birth to her daughter, Palmer, in early November, according to PEOPLE. And she's never been shy about sharing her life as a new mom with both fans and the world at large in the months since then.

Eubanks shared in the past that she's been breastfeeding Palmer for the three months since her birth. She has shared everything about the process with her social media followers — from the effects of leaked breast milk on clothing, to the fact that if she's not posting as much, it's because she's either breastfeeding or taking a nap during some rare and precious downtime.

But now, Eubanks has shared in an Instagram post that she's decided to stop breastfeeding — and fans certainly let her know how they felt about that in their replies to the post.

Eubanks defended her decision to stop breastfeeding Palmer in an Instagram post on Wednesday. The post consisted of a text statement, which read:

Today marks the day I am DONE with breastfeeding. Gave it a good almost 3 months and I am retiring the boobs. Writing this in hopes it will make other mothers feel less alone. You see, I'm not quitting because my milk supply dried up or because I'm sick...I'm quitting because I'm just plain OVER IT. By CHOICE.

It was easy to tell from the beginning of Eubanks' statement that she knew people would have questions and opinions about her choice, and she wanted to nip all of that in the bud. She went on to write, according to Bravo:

I know I will get lectured and judged by this but it doesn't bother me. I need some freedom back for my sanity and the bottle and formula will allow that. You are NOT a bad mother if you don't like breastfeeding. A happy Mama is the best gift you can give your baby. (At least in my opinion).

And this is far from the first time that Eubanks has posted about her breastfeeding journey with her baby on Instagram. In the past, she shared a funny post about how her leaking breasts stained a t-shirt she was wearing, for instance.

Eubanks also shared in the caption of an Instagram photo posted not long after Palmer was born about what a "roller coaster" being a mom is, which most new moms can probably strongly relate to. In that particular caption, she wrote specifically about how she kept busy in those early days with either breastfeeding or taking naps when she wasn't breastfeeding.

And for the most part, Eubanks' Instagrams about breastfeeding have been well-received. So it's unfortunate that a lot of the responses she got to the latest post about quitting breastfeeding didn't follow that same pattern.

To be fair, most of the replies were kind and sympathetic, but a good number of the comments on Eubanks' latest breastfeeding-related Instagram post were downright rude. It seemed like maybe Eubanks was prepared for that possibility, because the caption she chose for the statement photo said, "I know I’m opening up the flood gates with this one.😬."

The responses to Eubanks' statement ranged from "do what is best for you and your family!!" to "I really think that moms milk is best for baby. I will do my best to feed him as long as I can. PS: #iamdyingtodrinkabottleofwine." All the negative responses have got to make you ask: when did everyone on Instagram become an expert in what's "best" for someone else's baby? Jeez.

Eubanks has shared other aspects of her breastfeeding journey with people on Instagram in the past, and her decision to stop breastfeeding was no different. The truth is, every mother should get to decide whether to breastfeed, whether to continue breastfeeding, and when to stop breastfeeding if they do it in the first place, whether they're a celebrity or a regular, everyday mom. Eubanks has just been particularly honest about what that whole process looked like for her.

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