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Camila Cabello Opened The Grammys With A Subtle But Strong Anti-Wall Message

The Grammy Awards is one of the biggest nights in music — it celebrates the best artists of the year and highlights how important music is to everyone. And this year, the Grammy Awards started with a bang, thanks to Latin musicians Camila Cabello, Ricky Martin, and J. Balvin. As the first performance of the night, Camila Cabello's Grammys performance was incredible way to start the show, and included a subtle but strong political statement.

The awards show started out strong with an incredible performance by Cabello and friends. Cabello performed her hit song, "Havana" while crawling through a doll-house set. This not only emphasized how much the song made people want to dance throughout their homes last year, but highlighted the beauty of the song and Cabello's native language.

But the performance got even better when she was joined by rapper Young Thug, legendary singer Ricky Martin, and J. Balvin who brought some much needed culture to the Grammys. But this performance was more than just a colorful way to kick off the show — there was a small and smart political statement made during it.

If people were able to peel their eyes away from Cabello's moves and Martin's voice, they would have caught a specific statement being made. While J. Balvin sat on a bench on the set waiting to jump in and perform, he hid his face with a newspaper that read "Build Bridges Not Walls." Amen.

And people on Twitter definitely took note, sharing their thoughts about the incredible opening performance (and that newspaper prop).

Although the message was part of a "blink and you miss it" part of the awards show, it was a much welcomed statement. Especially since the 2019 Grammy Awards were filled with political statements. Two musicians took to the red carpet this year with conservative statements — Joy Villa showed up in a dress that had "Build The Wall" written on it and Ricky Rebel showed up wearing a blazer that said "Keep America Great." While both of these statements were incredibly polarizing, people can agree that bridges can help people while walls can only keep people away.

But Cabello's performance included everyone including her own family, according to E! News. Cabello showed up to the 2019 Grammy Awards with her parents, sister, and grandmother, and told Ryan Seacrest that people would see them in her performance. This makes sense, since Cabello also told Seacrest that her performance was inspired by her grandmother's childhood. Cabello said:

So basically, she grew up in...like a house full of rooms, and everybody shared a common patio, and there would be a few jam sessions and stuff, and the whole thing is based off my family, and I have my family in the performance. So I feel very protected.

And that is exactly how Cabello should have felt when she opened the Grammys — protected. And she probably wanted as much support behind her as possible since she was nominated for two awards during the show, according to Rolling Stone.

While Cabello's performance brought her together with her family, the subtle political statement aimed to bring both sides together. And everyone could agree that her performance was amazing.