Can A Brazilian Wax Induce Labor?

As you prepare for your delivery, you touch up the nursery, pack your hospitals bags, and make your list of friends and relatives to update. But before you head to the hospital, you may want to make sure your lady parts are properly landscaped before anyone gets a close look at them. You may have been wondering whether or not getting a bikini wax is safe in the final weeks of your pregnancy. But can a Brazilian wax induce labor?

Babies can be stubborn little things, laughing in the face of doctor's due date predictions and preferring to arrive on their own terms. You've probably heard that long walks, spicy foods, and having sex can be used as natural ways to kick start the labor process. But could a Brazilian wax be the key to getting things started?

Those pesky pregnancy hormones can cause hair to grow in darker and thicker in places some women may have never seen hair before. And as hard as they try to keep things under control, some expectant moms are left feeling like Chewbacca and dying for a good wax. After all, when you're already feeling bad about swollen feet and a bulging belly, the last thing you want to have to deal with is unsightly body hair.

Although there is no scientific proof that bikini waxes induce labor, waxing your nether region can be more painful that usual when you're expecting. As the website Baby Med suggests, the fluid retention that most pregnant women experience can cause their skin to swell and become more sensitive. As a result, waxing your bikini area can lead to infections and ingrown hairs, and make the labor process even more uncomfortable than it already is.

So if you're worried about too much hair down there, you can wax at your own discretion. You may not go into labor, but things could be pretty painful. But at the end of the day, know that when you're in the middle of labor, your doctors are more concerned with making sure you have a healthy baby than how much hair you have down there.