Can Babies Get Chapped Lips?

When you're winterizing your baby, chances are you load up on enough mittens and coats to outfit a very tiny army. But it's important to make sure the chilly weather doesn't harm your baby's delicate skin as well. You may ask yourself can babies get chapped lips, and what's the best way to keep your baby's mouth protected?

In addition to cold weather and low humidity, Healthline noted that , chapped lips are caused by habits like lip licking, because saliva can strip any moisture from the mouth. Well, if you've spent more than five minutes in the company of a baby, then you know that drool is a big part of the territory. Add dry winter weather to a slobbery infant and you have the recipe for some serious lip problems.

Because yes, babies can get chapped lips as well. Although this may just sound like it would be uncomfortable, chapped lips could actually cause some problems for your little one. As noted in Healthline, dry, chapped lips may interfere with your baby's feeding and sleeping schedules, and they may even lead to infections. But how in the world are you supposed to protect your baby's pout from the endless river of drool?

Filip Miletic/Fotolia

There are a few tricks you can use to keep your baby's lips safe. According to, covering your baby's mouth when you're outside, and holding your baby away from the wind, can help protect your baby's lips from the weather. But you can also make the inside of your home more baby friendly. And as noted in Very Well, making sure your baby is well-hydrated, and possibly using a humidifier, can help keep your little one comfortable. It's all about preventing dryness from happening in the first place.

Now for the big question: can you put lip balm on a baby? Because at least for adults, few things are more soothing than a creamy, emollient lip balm on a dry mouth. Although you may not want to use adult products, there are plenty of balms, such as Mustela Hydra-Stick ($10) or Boudreaux's Baby Kisses ($5) that are specifically made for infants and children. Hopefully, some combination of these tips will help you and your little one get through the winter without any troublesome chapped lips.