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Can Coconut Oil Help With Diaper Rash?

If you think about it, babies have it pretty good. The majority of their day is spent sleeping, eating, snuggling, and being at. Not too shabby. There are, however, some things about being a baby that, well, are a bit less than ideal. Limits on mobility, while kind of a blessing for parents, must be a bit frustrating for little ones. And diaper rash, that red, splotchy or scaly rash that appears on baby's bottoms, sounds like zero fun. Although there are lots creams formulated to treat it, more natural parents may wonder can coconut oil help with diaper rash?

First, though, it's important to know what causes diaper rash. According to The Bump, diaper rash can be caused by a variety of things including allergies and sensitivities, antibiotics, food, friction, and wet or dirty diapers. Additionally, The Bump noted that diaper rash can also be bacterial or yeast-related or caused by not changing diapers frequently enough or antibiotic use. If your baby develops either of these types of diaper rash and they don't heal after a few days, you should call your doctor.

But back to the coconut oil. Although not exactly "new," coconut oil is a bit trendy as of late. It's super versatile and can be used in ways ranging from a nighttime moisturizer to sunburn antidote. The solid-at-room-temperature oil is sometimes touted as a sort of cure-all, miracle ingredient. And for good reason.


According to Green Child, coconut oil (as well as some other oils) can be used either on its own or mixed with other ingredients such as avocado oil or breast milk to create a natural diaper rash cream. Using coconut oil regularly can also prevent yeast-related diaper rashes because of its anti-fungal qualities, according to the aforementioned article from The Bump. But the type of coconut oil used on your baby (or yourself) matters. According to Babble, you should use either an unrefined or extra-virgin coconut oil for diaper rash, as the processing involved to produce refined coconut oil removes some of its supposed health benefits.

If you're looking to stick strictly au natural (or as much as you can) when it comes to caring for baby, coconut oil might be just the ticket for that next bout of diaper rash.