The Fate Of Dany's Dragons Is Looking More & More Bleak On 'Game Of Thrones'

Game of Thrones, fans have been introduced to a lot of diferent magical creatures throughout these past seven seasons. We've met dragons and White Walkers and their army of the undead. But there's still one more mystical curveball the series could throw our way, which has become a popular fan theory for quite some time: the introduction to undead dragons aka wight dragons. But can dragons become wights on Game of Thrones? Also referred to as ice dragons, these cold-hearted beasts are nothing to joke around about, and very well could be the next monster to come to Westeros.

The books describe ice dragons as being larger than the dragons of Valyria, made out of living ice, with bright blue eyes and breath so cold it could stop your heart in seconds. So essentially, it is exactly what you'd imagine it to be. While in the books, ice dragons and Valyrian dragons appear to be very different creatures, one theory making the rounds recently is that one of Daenerys's dragons will die and be resurrected by the Night King, thereby creating an undead dragon. Now, if an undead person is difficult to kill, I can only imagine how much trickier it will be to kill an undead dragon.

For that matter, how would the live dragon be killed north of the wall to begin with? I would think that a fire-breathing dragon could probably eliminate this threat in a matter of minutes.

The show has basically been bending over backwards to tell the audience that the dragons are not as invulnerable as everyone believed. Bronn actually injured one and lived! We get it Game of Thrones, a dragon is going to die soon. The most popular theory is that Viserion will die, because he was named for her brother Viserys, who was the actual worst and died by having molten gold dumped on his head. It seems a little unfair that Viserion gets punished because he was named after a horrible person, but this is Game of Thrones where nothing is fair. Is it possible then that Viserion will go north of the Wall, die there, and then be resurrected as an ice dragon?

This would certainly level the playing field somewhat, and animal-wights have been seen before in the form of horses. A really fun (and to be honest highly unlikely) theory is that Jon Snow will actually tame the undead ice dragon, as he is also undead and the metaphorical ice in A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm not really sure what sort of narrative loop-de-loops would be required to make this happen, but if it does play out this way, I am here for it.