How To Deduct A Breast Pump From Your Taxes

Parenthood isn't cheap. Even if you choose to breastfeed, which should be free in theory, the cost of nursing bras, nursing pads, lactation consultations, and all of the other feeding-related expenses can really add up. Not to mention the cost of buying a breast pump if you plan to work and breastfeed or pump a stockpile for future use. The good news is that when tax season rolls around, there may be some good that comes out of all the money you put into parenthood (you know, other than healthy children.) If you're wondering if you can deduct a breast pump from your taxes, you might be in luck.

An article from Rueters noted that, although breastfeeding has long been heralded as the cheaper feeding option for babies, it's far from free. Breastfeeding supplies can cost families upwards of $1,000 per year, with a breast pump coming out to $200 or more. A tax break for some of the essential breastfeeding supplies would certainly be a welcomed surprise as tax season rolls around.

According to The Huffington Post, the breastfeeding supplies deduction has been around since 2011, although many parents aren't aware of it's existence. If you bought a breast pump or any other breastfeeding related equipment over the year, you're eligible for write offs.

The Reuters article cited above also pointed out that the newly instated deduction isn't applicable until medical expenses exceed 7.5 percent of a family's adjusted gross income. However, when you consider that breast pumps (lumped in with medical equipment and expenses) are usually purchased within the first year postpartum, along with all of the other medical expenses accrued that year, most families will meet the qualifications for the deduction.

According to Parenting, the deduction came about as the result of the Surgeon General's call to support breastfeeding moms the year before the tax break was instated and luckily, the IRS listened; adding the tax break to other medical expenses in hopes to make breastfeeding costs a bit easier for families to handle. So make sure to get your write off in before a certain leader tries to take that away from families.