Can I Give Dramamine To Kids?

Traveling with kids requires a good amount of preparation and a mammoth dose of patience — not to mention an entire bag dedicated just to snacks. Even with everything checked off the to-do list, there is one fear lurking beneath the excitement of vacation for every mother: is my kid going to puke on this trip? I'm not talking about a stomach bug, I'm talking motion sickness from the train, plane, or automobile that is taking your family to it's destination. Since I have struggled with motion sickness all my life, the thought, can I give Dramamine to kids, crossed my mind well before we ever disembarked on a long journey.

Vomiting children in close quarters is a situation parents try to avoid at all costs, but if you're not clear on what medications are safe for children, you may hesitate before giving your kids anything to treat their symptoms. As an adult, you may have taken Dramamine before when you've experienced motion sickness, but you want to be sure kids are cleared for this medication before packing this medication in your travel bag. The good news is, you are able to give Dramamine to kids for motion sickness, according to Healthline. Just make sure you follow the rules for ages and dosage.

For self-medication best practices, it is always smart to check with your child's doctor before giving them anything they have never had before. But in general, if your child is over the age of two, they are approved to take over the counter medications for motion sickness, such as Dramamine, according to Everyday Health. This doesn't mean children under two are completed prohibited from taking this medicine, it just means you will need to have the doctor's all clear before allowing your little one to take Dramamine.

Another important point to note, if your child takes allergy medication, do not give them Dramamine at the same time as their allergy meds. As Very Well pointed out, allergy medication and Dramamine are both antihistamines, and double dosing your child could cause extreme drowsiness. So be sure to plan ahead and space out your child's medication dosage accordingly. While we're on the subject of dosage, giving your child the correct amount of Dramamine is easy since Dramamine For Kids comes in chewable tablets with just the right amount for kids ages two to 12.

In addition to medication, there are other ways parents can help kids when they struggle with motion sickness. According to the website for Dr. Sears, there are multiple ways to ease the symptoms of motion sickness. If your child is showing symptoms, try opening a window, encourage looking for the horizon out the window, feeding them easily digestible foods, or applying an ice pack to the neck.

Being prepared for motion sickness will help both you and your child through the rough patches when symptoms strike. Having some Dramamine on hand will give you the peace of mind you need and hopefully spare you the use of any barf bags.