What To Know About Vaginal Orgasms After Baby

Having a baby changes things — sleep, your social calendar, and adding the words "poopy diaper" to your daily vocabulary to name a few. So you may be hoping for some things to stay consistent as you make the transition from pregnant women to new mom. Getting your body "back" after nine months of cohabitation can feel liberating and exciting, and makes you start to feel like a woman again. And as those womanly desires start to rumble, you may wonder, "can I have a vaginal orgasm after having a baby?" Because after giving birth, things aren't always what they used to be.

When it comes to sex after childbirth, it may feel like your vagina wants press the pause button. According to Parenting, your body needs time to heal from the trauma of birth. As a result, you may not be fully able to enjoy sex right away, which makes it more difficult to orgasm. Although there may be some delivery complications that can cause pain or discomfort during sex, it's more so what's happening on the inside that stands in the way of reaching full orgasm, post baby.

Whether you delivered vaginally or by C-section, your pelvic floor has been through quite a workout. As Everyday Family recommended, you can get back to those vaginal orgasms you enjoyed pre-baby by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. This means your new best friend is going to be kegels, an exercise of tightening and releasing your pelvic floor, explained Mayo Clinic.

Once you've started to build up that muscle tightness, you can address the next issue standing in the way of postpartum orgasm. According to Healthline, many new moms deal with vaginal dryness for a period of time after giving birth. This is due to the fluctuation of hormones that is still occurring from childbirth. No heavy lifting required for this one. Just grab a bottle of lube and be sure to lather up before getting busy.

I know this all sounds a little dismal, but even though vaginal orgasms may take a while to make an appearance after baby comes along, it doesn't mean you can't have any Os. According to Women's Health, due to hormonal changes, "the number of nerve endings near your clitoris can increase, too, leading to more frequent orgasms." This means you can go at your pace and explore other options until your vagina has recovered from delivery.