Can I Induce Labor Myself At 38 Weeks?

I never made it past 38 weeks with either of my pregnancies; and I am very thankful for that, because I couldn't imagine going another day being pregnant. For all those moms who have gone past the 40 week mark, the struggle is real. It's hard to sleep, your bladder is going to burst, and there doesn't seem to be enough Swedish Fish in the world to satisfy the constant craving. So what's a girl to do at this point in the pregnancy game? If you've had the thought, can I induce myself at 38 weeks, you'll be happy to learn it's worth a shot.

As long as your pregnancy hasn't been high-risk, and your doctor hasn't given you any restrictions, trying some at home methods of induction might help move you from your living room into the delivery room. Most doctors will induce at 38 weeks, according to Fit Pregnancy magazine, so you can consider this a safe time period to give it a whirl yourself. Since every doctor has a different policy what week they will schedule an induction, your's may turn you down at 38 weeks. But don't let this get you down, you may still have a shot with these DIY techniques for getting your labor party started.

If you can take the heat, trying chewing on some chilis, or ordering a bucket of nuclear wings. It's been speculated that chowing on spicy foods could lead to irregular uterine contractions, as Parenting magazine pointed out. But just a heads up, this method may bring on the heartburn, so be prepared.

While you're putting things down the hatch, try a spoon full of castor oil to induce labor, as Very Well's website suggested. My grandmother used to swear that castor oil was the reason she birthed all her babies so fast, but after taking one whiff, I knew I didn't have the chops to take that down, so I raise my glass to all you ladies you can.

During medical inductions at the hospital, women are given two types of medicine which mimic hormones the human body makes naturally — and both of which are meant to bring on contractions. Both prostaglandin and oxytocin are labor inducers, according to the website for the American Pregnancy Association. But you don't need to go to a hospital to get your hands on these 'mones. Just hope between the sheets.

According to Mayo Clinic, once the hormone oxytocin is released, it can stimulate uterine contractions, and one fun way to get it flowing is my stimulating your nipples. Want to add some prostaglandin to the mix? Go all the way with your partner (again). "Semen contains cervix-softening fats called prostaglandins (also used in medical induction) and a woman's orgasm can lead to strong uterine contractions," as Fit Pregnancy magazine reported.

So you've eaten a container of hot salsa and had some sex — now what? How about a stroll around the block? Yep, walking may be the last piece of the puzzle to get your baby in position. According to the website for What To Expect, walking is a great way to start labor process. Use gravity to align your baby with the birth canal and help her drop into your pelvis. All the components needed to get a delivery on the way.

If you just can't wait any longer than the 38 week mark, you have have nothing to lose by trying out this at home methods of indiction (except maybe a little heartburn) . Hang in there, mama. You're baby will be here soon.