Why You Might Orgasm While Breastfeeding

When I nursed my two children, my relationship with my breasts changed. I saw them less as sexual objects that filled out my sweaters and more like the sole source of my baby's nutrition. This probably also had to do with the fact that I nursed so much that I hardly had time to think about sex. But can moms ever feel sexy while they're feeding? If you're wondering if the nipple stimulation that happens when you're nursing can cause you to feel aroused, you may have wondered, can I orgasm while breastfeeding?

Have you stopping blushing? Good. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. If you've ever felt slightly aroused while nursing, you might have been surprised and a little disturbed. But you can rest assured that there is nothing wrong or inappropriate. In fact, it's fairly common. The feelings you're having aren't about sex, but rather all about the hormones. Isn't everything about hormones lately?

According to Baby Center, prolactin (the mothering hormone) is what stimulates the body to produce milk. The presence of prolactin also causes you to feel relaxed and happy. And once baby starts to nurse, the nerve cells in your breasts signal your brain to release the hormone oxytocin, as Very Well explained. Oxytocin causes your milk glands to contract and push milk through your breasts and out through your nipples.

In addition to helping you get milk to your baby, oxytocin helps lower anxiety, relieve stress, and lower blood pressure. It also plays an important role in childbirth — it's responsible for the uterine contractions that help you push your baby out when you're in labor, according to Very Well. All of those good feelings going around help foster your bond with your baby.

As IBCLC Deborah Dominici tells Romper, "we release oxytocin when we have an orgasm, just like we do when we have a milk let down." But since the oxytocin plays a role in both actions, you may find that making love can get a little messy. "It's a good idea to have a towel close by because leaking or spraying milk when you orgasm is very common," Dominici adds

So don't be alarmed if breastfeeding feels good. It's supposed to. The emotional bond you're creating with your baby when you nurse is just as important as the nutrition.