Can I Return My Tommee Tippee Sippie Cup After The Recall? Just Send It In For A Swap

Attention parents: Go check your kiddos' sippy cups. If they're Tommee Tipee brand, they might be one of millions of sippy cups the company has recalled due to mold concerns. The recall affects only a certain design of cups, but the company has since recommended that parents stop using them immediately and return the Tommee Tippee sippee cups recalled for another design.

The sippy cups affected by the recall are those that have a one-piece white valve just inside the lid of the cup. The valve is difficult to clean and retains moisture, making it an ideal spot for mold to grow, which could make kids drinking out of the cup sick.

"Although the resulting risk of gastrointestinal symptoms and infections in consumers with compromised immune systems is low, the product is being voluntarily recalled in the United States and Canada," Tommeee Tippee wrote in a statement about the "white valve" cups.

Sippee cups with the recalled lids were sold in the United States and Canada between December 2014 and March 2016, according to the company. If you're not sure if one of your family's cups is affected, look at the underside of the sippy cup lid for the faulty white valve that snaps in and out of the lid. The recalled valves look like this:

Cups with the white valves include sippys of varying sizes (bonus points for the "you pour I'll fling" sentiment on the bottom cup):

Some of the sippy cups included in the recall were sold as part of a larger kit. Here are a few which contained the cups with the bad white valve:

Once you've checked over all of your Tommee Tippee cups and discover you have one with the recalled white valves what should you do? First you need to complete an online form. When the online form is complete, you will get an email with a free shipping label and tracking number. You're only required to send the lid and white valve back to Tommee Tippee, keep the base to be used with other lids, including the replacement you will be sent.

Although you're only returning the lid, the company says it will send you a complete sippy cup as a replacement — base, lid and new valve included. The replacement valves come apart in two pieces so they're easier to keep clean.

The company says you can send as many lids and valves in as you have and if you've already thrown away your bad white valves, the company will send out a replacement with a receipt of purchase. The lids and valves cannot be returned to the store. It's the responsibility of Tommee Tippee to make sure all the recalled lids are properly disposed of and taken out of use.

For any other questions, Tommee Tippee has set up a help line at 1-877-248-6922. Parents, rest easy. The recall may be a slight annoyance in your week, but at least Tommee Tippee has made it simple enough for you to fix it.