Everything You Need To Know About Your Itchy C-Section Scar

Pregnancy changes your body, and there’s pretty much no way around that. How it changes your body, though, depends a lot on you, your pregnancy, and your delivery. Vaginal deliveries and C-section deliveries both yield a number of postpartum changes, and though some are similar, many are different. One of the biggest differences, of course, is the C-section scar. If you’ve had a C-section, you might still be coming to terms with your scar and what it feels like, whether it’s healing or healed. A lot of new moms wonder, "can I scratch my itchy c-section scar?"

C-section scars can be pretty amazing things, especially when you remember that your baby actually was born through it. Most C-section incisions are just 4 to 6 inches in length, and when healed, result in a thin scar of the same length, according to Parents. Usually, the incision is made just above your pubic bone, and so, would be covered by most bikini bottoms and underwear. But as that incision heals, it can also be incredibly itchy thanks to the nerves being disrupted, What to Expect noted.

While your scar is fresh, within the first couple of weeks, it’ll be covered in steri-strips. Don’t mess with those, even if you’re itchy, noted Parents, as they’re holding your wound together. The American Pregnancy Association recommended not taking baths or swimming until your scar is fully healed as well.

As your scar starts to heal, it might begin to itch even more, as wounds tend to do. You should try to avoid scratching it, as this could possibly cause infection or additional pain, Very Well mentioned. Holding an ice pack over your incision can help to relieve the itchiness (and pain) temporarily. (I took about 20 from the hospital, solely for this purpose.)

According to the Mayo Clinic, if your scar is red, swollen, or oozing any sort of discharge, talk to your doctor. It’s possible for healing incisions to get infected, and it's best to take care of that right away. But itching? That's totally common, no matter how frustrating it is.