Jon From '90 Day Fiance' May Still Not Be Allowed In The U.S.

Jon and Rachel seem to have an idyllic story but with one exception: Jon could not come to America to be with Rachel. But the show was filmed months ago, so can Jon from 90 Day Fiancé live in the United States yet? His immigration status is still up in the air.

On their respective Instagram accounts as well as their joint account, Jon and Rachel have been sticking with posting throwback pictures of either them together (during their trip filmed on 90 Day Fiancé), or screenshots from their Skype sessions. Because of this, it's hard to tell where they are in the world. This is with good reason, because it would probably spoil the show for fans (the ones that haven't been snooping around for their marriage certificates, that is).

In my opinion, Jon and Rachel have the most solid bond out of any of the other couples this season, which is why their hardship is difficult to watch. Initially, Jon tried to go to the United States to meet Rachel but his tourism visa was denied due to his criminal record. According to Jon, he's gotten into 50-60 fights in his life, which have resulted in five convictions. He explained to Rachel in one episode, "When I was young, I grew up in not a great area, having to choose between being stamped on or fighting to get away. And when I felt people wronged me or saw things I didn’t like, I acted. And some of the times I got into a fight with multiple people."

Jon said the worst conviction was when someone got hurt in a fight. "I was at uni and I’d been out with some friends. Stuff escalated and I ended up punching a group of guys in the face," Jon explained. "Why? It’s a group of guys. They get a few drinks inside of them, they think it’s acceptable to say disrespectful things to women and they think they’re untouchable because there’s a big group of ‘em. I got really mad and they tried grabbing me, and by the end of it, they all got punched. They arrested me, and I was convicted of bodily harm without intent — which basically means, he did sustain an injury."

When he tried to visit Rachel in the states, he wasn't able to because of his record. Fans may wonder why Rachel doesn't just move to England full-time to be with him, but that's not exactly possible either. Rachel shares custody with her older daughter, so she can neither bring that daughter to England with her nor be that far away.

The only way it seems they could be together is if Jon moves to the United States — but the visa is a definite roadblock. On the last episode, they talked with an immigration lawyer to evaluate their options (Rachel in person, Jon over Skype). To be honest, the outcome looked bleak. While Jon would be able to get a green card, the process would take some time. Jon and Rachel could have to wait three years for it to go through and for Jon to be able to live in the United States full-time. In a teary talking head confessional, Rachel said she didn't know why the country would keep two people who love each other apart like this.

Rachel and Jon's drama doesn't come from internal relationship struggles, as every other couple on the show seems to face. Instead, their drama comes from external factors: immigration laws. Fans will have to keep watching this season of Before the 90 Days to see if they overcome their hardship but I have a feeling, based on their excitement to get married, they will.