Can Lube Help Me Get Pregnant?

Whether you've been trying to get pregnant for months or just decided to get serious about having a baby, once you commit to the idea, you'll see there is an overwhelming about of information about ways to make it easier to conceive. From mastering the right positions to knowing when to try for a baby, knowing how and when to conceive can get overwhelming. You might even be asking "can lube help me get pregnant?" And although it seems like it might be a no-brainer (extra lube is never a bad thing, right?) doing your research before reaching for the lube is never a bad idea.

According to Parents lube can be super helpful for increasing pleasure during intercourse, especially if you're postpartum or have difficulties with painful sex. However, if you're trying to get pregnant, it might be less helpful than you hoped.

One study added to a growing body of work that suggested that most commercial lubricants can inhibit sperm mobility. Although the evidence is limited, experts believe that vaginal lubricants can damage sperm and interfere with their ability to fertilize the egg. And, as Baby Center noted, lube might do more harm than good if you're trying to conceive.

However, there are other options for lubricants that are more "sperm-friendly," if you prefer to use something to keep it wet down there. Fit Pregnancy has a large list of lubes that couples can use if they're trying to conceive that are designed to work with the sperm instead of against it.

Otherwise, Baby Center noted, foreplay is your best option for sperm friendly lube. Try something new, give yourself time to get in the mood, be spontaneous. Although baby making sex is notably different than spur of the moment sex, it can still be as fun and passionate as it's always been. Just avoid the use of most commercial lubes if you're hoping to have active and effective sperm as a result.