Can My Baby Sleep In Just A Diaper? Here’s What You Should Know

The summer is in full swing, and whether or not you believe in global warming, you have to admit that it's probably pretty darn hot where you live. While the summer heat can make you want to shed as many layers as possible without offending your neighbors, you may be wondering if it's safe for your baby to do the same — particularly while she sleeps. If you're worried about making sure your baby is comfortable and safe as the temperatures rise, you may have asked, "Can my baby sleep in just a diaper?"

Since babies don't perspire the way adults do, they can be prone to overheat more quickly, Parents mentioned. The article added that overheating has also been linked to instances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), since babies will enter a much deeper sleep when they are hot. Unfortunately, your baby doesn't have the words to tell you when she's too hot or too cold, leaving it up to you to keep an eye out for clues that their bodies are at a comfortable temperature. According to, some signs that your baby is too warm while sleeping include rapid breathing, sweating, and damp hair.

If you're wondering what kind of jammies are best, experts say you should use what keeps you comfortable as a guide. According to Baby Center, parents should dress their babies in whatever they are comfortable in plus one layer. Layering is best so you can remove pieces to help baby's body adjust to the temperature. In the hot summer months, this likely means that they should at least wear a cotton onesie.

The temperature of the room they are sleeping in will also play a role in how they should dress for bed. According to The Baby Sleep Site, babies sleep best in an environment which is somewhere between 68 and 70 degrees. If your baby's room is air conditioned, you may want to consider swaddling your baby in a light, breathable blanket or placing them in a sleep sack while they snooze.

In general, if your baby is sleeping comfortably, they're probably wearing enough clothing, as the Fisher-Price website mentioned. And if that means they're sleeping in little more than a diaper, that should be fine. Just be sure that no fans or air conditioners are pointing directly at them while they sleep.