Can My Partner Smoke Pot When I'm Pregnant?

by Lindsay E. Mack

With the increasing legalization of marijuana, it looks like weed may become more available (and popular) than ever. Although many people enjoy partaking of pot, it is not free from all health consequences. And if you’re expecting, you probably have many questions about the safety of having pot around the growing baby. For instance, can my partner smoke pot when I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately, there is not a tremendous amount of research on the way secondhand marijuana smoke affects your growing fetus. But most health experts do not advise it. For instance, it’s bad for adults: there is evidence that secondhand marijuana smoke may lead to reduced functionality of blood vessels, according to Medical News Today. And things look even worse when developing babies are brought into the mix. As explained by Pregnancy and Baby, studies do appear to show an increase in premature labor and low birth rate when babies are exposed to marijuana. And according to the University of Pittsburgh, marijuana smoke may also slow your baby’s growth. Lastly, exposure to secondhand pot smoke may even be related to an increased risk of stillbirth, as explained by the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Women’s Mental Health.

With all of the potential dangers, it would be a good idea to avoid exposing your unborn baby to marijuana smoke. Hopefully your partner can be convinced to abstain from smoking around you or at least switch to edibles. Keeping your baby healthy is the top priority.