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Can Pregnancy Affect My Partner's Sex Drive? Yes, But Not For The Reason You Think

With all those pregnancy hormones coursing through your veins, it's possible to feel more turned on than ever before. There are plenty of ways to get busy while still protecting your baby bump, but nothing is going to work if your other half just isn't into it. You may start wondering can pregnancy affect my partner's sex drive? Because there must be a reason your invitations for some action keeps getting turned down. And if you have a hunch that it's one more thing to blame on hormones, you're absolutely correct.

During pregnancy, the mom-to-be's not the only one feeling the power of hormones. Men are also susceptible to the powerful pull of the 'mones. According to Healthline, a woman releases odorless hormones called pheromones and the man’s body responds by decreasing levels of the sex hormone testosterone and boosting levels of other hormones. Researchers believe this change helps a man prepare for parenthood since the hormones that increase are known to promote bonding, caregiving, and monogamy. It's pretty amazing to learn that the vibe your body's giving off can encourage your partner to be a good parent. But hormones aren't the only thing standing in your way of some hot lovin', certain mental blocks can keep a dude from getting in the mood.

It takes the right state of mind to get geared up for a romp, and negative thoughts about pregnancy sex are a real mood killer. As Babble pointed out, worrying about hurting the baby during sex is a common concern for men, even when they logically know it's just a myth. In addition to hurting the baby, the dad-to-be may also experience anxieties related to becoming a parent and starting a family, which could cause him to feel less revved up about sex than usual, according to The Bump.

Once these ideas take root, it's more important than ever to keep the open communication flowing with your partner. Exploring different ways to show affection and being honest with one another about sexual needs will help you stay close foster a sense of intimacy throughout your pregnancy.