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Can Someone Tell If You Screenshot Their Instagram Story? It Goes Both Ways

The rollout of Instagram Stories versus Snapchat has possibly polarized your social circles like cable news. Everyone has a favorite. But there are some good things about Instagram Stories and a lot of the really good features are hard to figure out at first glance and it makes getting into the new feature a little scary. Can you use filters? Silly bee-face overlays? And more importantly, for all the snoopers out there, can someone tell if you screenshot their Instagram Story?

The answer is a solid "nope." This is good news for anyone who secretly social media stalks their ex or a neighbor they can't stand but somehow obsess over with a BFF. With Instagram Stories, a user can take a screenshot on their Apple or Android devices the same way you would any screenshot — hold down the top and home button — and it's saved for prosperity.

One and done. Gloriously, there are no notifications sent to the user, like Snapchat does. The ease of that feature is two-fold. Although it's nice not to be blasted on the app for taking a screenshot, there's also no way to tell who is preserving your story in their camera roll and text messages. It goes both ways, and depending on how highly you want to monitor your content and where it's going, both Snapchat and Instagram's approaches are worthy.

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Of course, being able to take a screenshot without anyone knowing is a pretty big deal. Because everyone needs to admit that they have done that at least once or twice in their lifetimes on mobile apps. How do you not gloat, snark, or brag in private? Snapchat is all about putting your habits on blast, while Instagram has always lent itself to quiet scrolling.

The ability to take a snap of a Story without anyone knowing is everyone's secret little desire. (Or did I just out myself as the girl taking screenshots with abandon to LOL with my equally sometimes-jerk friends? I can't be the only one.)

Users have been dying to know how the function works for a while, too. One Twitter coyly asked, "Does anyone know if a person is notified when you take a screenshot of their Instagram Story? Asking for a friend." Likely story, "friend."

When it comes to some shady online behaviors, Instagram has you covered all around. The new Story feature also allows you to block certain posts from a select few — just like Snapchat and Facebook does. You have to post first on Instagram and then check to see who viewed your post and click on the little "X" to block anyone you didn't know was interested in your avocado toast at brunch.

In short, the most recent Instagram update is fun, interactive, but most importantly, all about being shady AF, which, in my opinion, is the whole point of some social media usage anyway. Lurk away, Instagram users. Your secrets are safe.