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Can Lubricant Affect Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

When a couple is ready to try and conceive, it can be hard not to question absolutely everything in life and whether it could possibly affect the chance of pregnancy. Suddenly, women are tossing the skim milk in favor of whole and men are terrified of setting a computer on their laps. Both parties may be considering nixing the lubricant too, as many couples wonder, can using a lubricant affect getting pregnant?

According to Dr. Kameelah Phillips, founder of OBaby! Maternity and Parent Education, some over the counter lubricants have been shown to decrease sperm motility in laboratory studies. In an exclusive interview with Romper, Phillips says, "It is hard know, however, if these findings can extend to the vagina during sex, but it may be best to avoid them if infertility is due to low sperm count or poor movement."

But just because mainstream lubricants are a no-go when seeking pregnancy, it doesn't mean you're up a dry creek without a paddle. Phillips tells Romper that she recommends Preseed to clients, a lubricant that can be obtained over the counter, but enjoys great popularity within the infertility community. Additionally, you might need look no further than your own kitchen: Phillips says olive oil and coconut oil get the job done and don't affect fertility.

Game on.

If you feel more comfortable purchasing a niche product than using something from your pantry, there are certainly such items on the market. According to an article in Fit Pregnancy, it's important that your potential of hydrogen (pH) levels are balanced when you are seeking conception, and some lubricants alter those levels. So if you are buying an over the counter lube, check to make sure it says "pH balanced," and be on the lookout for an indication on the box that it is sperm friendly.

Being selective about the lubricant you use may be a key factor in baby making, but you also want to make sure sex is still enjoyable for both of you. With the plethora of options available today, there's no reason for it to be a desert experience.