Can We Sleep With Pillows When Co-Sleeping?

New moms make tons of sacrifices, and their sleep schedule certainly goes out the window when the baby arrives. There are ways to work with your baby’s erratic sleeping patterns, such as co-sleeping, but even that lifesaver can involve some accommodations. For instance, can you sleep with pillows when co-sleeping? Because new moms may not want to surrender all creature comforts.

According to HealthDay, co-sleeping, or the practice of sharing a bed with your baby, may be helpful because it can promote bonding and help new mothers get as much sleep as possible. Because you can just wake up and feed or change the baby immediately, you don’t have to waste any time walking to and from a bassinet. However, the Mayo Clinic reports an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if babies share a parental bed, because the soft surfaces may impede the baby’s breathing. So if you do want to co-sleep as safely as possible, are all pillows out of the question?


Well, it depends. According to BabyCentre, it’s a good idea to keep pillows away from your baby, and avoid putting him down on a pillow to sleep (he might roll off). And the University of Notre Dame’s Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory reiterates this advice and suggests new moms keep all pillows, stuffed animals, and soft bedding away from a co-sleeping baby. But if you sleep better with a little comfort, consider getting a co-sleeping pad. Some models come with an attached body pillow that you can safely relax against (and prevent the baby from rolling off the bed). Take heart: once the baby is old enough to sleep on his own, you can pile all the pillows back on your bed.