Can You Bring Frozen Breast Milk On A Plane? No Milk Should Be Left Behind

Traveling with kids is high on most parent's list of "most stressful things you could ever do," along with driving in rush hour traffic or trying to book a hotel over the holidays. Add in the strict rules and regulations of flying, and making your way through the airport can quickly become a parent's worst nightmare. If you're breastfeeding and flying, you might be wondering if you can bring frozen breast milk on a plane, because whether you're traveling solo or with your baby, not a single drop of that liquid gold should go to waste.

Whether you plan to breastfeed your child on the plane, pump while you're flying, or just need to transport your milk safely, it's normal for moms to feel nervous before a flight. If it hasn't happened to you, chances are you've at least heard of a mom being shamed for pumping or breastfeeding, or being required to dump out her hard won breast milk in an airport bathroom because someone told her it wasn't allowed. But what are the true rules regarding flying and breast milk?

According to the TSA, all liquids for children like breast milk, formula, and juice are permitted through security. Similarly, ice packs, coolers, and other things necessary for keeping it frozen or at a safe temperature is allowed in a carry on.


Although the TSA's website states that the items must go through the X-rays screens like normal carry on items, Children's Med recommends declaring the items to the security officer beforehand. They may subject them to less screening, or put on gloves to ensure the milk stays safe.

Despite the horror stories you've likely heard about traveling with kids, with a bit of preparation, flying with your kids (or just your breast milk) doesn't have to be as stressful as you may think.