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Can You Buy Paul's Clothes From 'Big Brother 18'? If You're Really Into Skulls

If Big Brother 18 doesn't yet have a villain, Paul Abrahamian is at the very least the resident "bad boy" in aesthetic, if nothing else. He plays in a band, he's heavily tattooed, he has a very ambitious beard, and, last but not least, he's the owner of a highly profane clothing line. DeadSkull Apparel is his company, and they mostly sell screenprinted tees, tanks, hoodies, with a few other specialty items in the mix. So can you buy Paul's clothes from Big Brother? Yes!

The line is available online, with tees and tanks in the $30-$35 range and hoodies in the $65 range. He also sells a "F*ck Off" ring for $165, matching panties for $15, Deadskull skateboard decks for $50, and — brace yourselves — custom "drinking horns" for $65. What exactly, you may be asking yourself, is a drinking horn? We'll let the description from the site speak for itself:

"Our drinking horns are hand picked, cleaned, carved, & polished in America. These ethically sourced buffalo horns are coated in beeswax so you can drink all your favorite booze from them. Each horn is unique, & there's only one of each made — so once it's gone, it's gone...F*ck your lame cups & glasses — put your Viking helmet on & quench your thirst the right way."

Uh, you may notice that the drinking horns are missing any sort of ties that keep them secured around your neck, for the hands-free drinking the Vikings intended. Looks like you'll just have to hold your beverage forever if you want to be sipping out of one of these bad boys.

The rest of the line has a similar aesthetic, with lots of skeletons declaring that they DGAF and/or are polite AF. Lots of Fs in Paul's gear. And the whole line is shot in black and white on both the website and on Deadskull's Instagram.

And, of course, Paul modeled his own clothes in Deadskull's promotional video, which prominently features French hip hop and a heavily-relied upon Jack Daniels prop bottle. Honestly, it looks more like a Jack Daniels commercial than a clothing ad, which is a choice, I guess.

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

But if this is your street style to a T, you can head on over to Deadskull Apparel and browse it in its infinitely skeletal glory.