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Can You Get A Bikini Wax When You're Pregnant?

If you're into a hair-free life, you may go to great lengths to get rid of the hair on your body. I bleach the hair on my face, thread my eyebrows, epilate my arms, wax my legs, and shave my underarms; it's just what I need to do to look and feel good for myself. Pregnant women are not immune to growing hair, and, if they want to, they may be wondering how to remove hair, especially down there. For those who get their pubic hair waxed, do things change? Can you get a bikini wax when you're pregnant?

It may be painful, but it's safe. Dr. Cornelia Graves, OB-GYN, told Baby Center that during pregnancy, women have more blood flowing to their skin, including the skin in the pubic area, making the area more sensitive. She explained that waxing at this time can be slightly more painful and can cause some harmless, but visible, broken blood vessels.

According to The Bump, pregnancy hormones can lead to a faster hair growth rate as well, requiring more hair removal maintenance. The article suggested using a soothing lotion to reduce any swelling and inflammation to your extra sensitive skin, before and after waxing sessions, along with making sure the salon you go to has a clean and hygienic environment.

If you can deal with sensitivity and pain, then getting a bikini wax during pregnancy should be perfectly safe, as long as your salon or spa practices good hygiene. If the pain seems to be scary or more than you handle, you can always shave, use a cream, or just go au natural for the remainder of your pregnancy. Just remember that as long as you feel good about yourself, hair or no hair, that's all that matters.