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Can You Get Birth Control Delivered? Nurx Wants To Make That Happen

Ladies, rejoice. You can now order your birth control with Nurx, an app that will deliver and reorder your prescription with just a few taps. Don’t get too excited: for now it’s only available in California. The app was created by Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesaeth, from Norway. They say they plan to launch in New York, Washington D.C., Illinois and Washington State as soon as they can.

The idea is simple: you enter your health information, it’s reviewed by a doctor, the issue a prescription with one of their partner pharmacies. The pharmacy delivers it to your door and it automatically refills so you never have to find yourself bolting to the pharmacy on your lunch break again. If you have insurance, it’s free. If not it’s $15.

It’s like 1-800-Contracts for the pill, the patch, or rings. I vote heck yes.

Gangeskar and Engesaeth told MTV News via email that:

Access to birth control is still a major issue. Oftentimes, women have to take off work, visit the doctor, then visit the pharmacy as well. Nurx helps solve that problem and make it more convenient for women to get their birth control, and with Nurx, we provide a three month supply of birth control instead of the usual one-month supply that’s often provide.

It almost sounds too good to be true.

Call me skeptical, but that just sounds way too easy. There are a few possible issues the well meaning Europeans may run into: the American healthcare system and very conservative Republicans, who don’t think that access to birth control should be so convenient. Anyone remember how long it took to get Plan B sold over the counter? And that’s still not a perfect process.

Hold on, I’m so very all about it. Especially when Nurx says they want to deliver Plan B and PrEp — an HIV transmission medicine — as they expand. It makes sense that they are starting in California and have chosen other very progressive states to launch in. Women everywhere need to have this kind of easy, non-judgemental, and safe access to birth control and STD protection. Let’s hope Nurx can stick around.

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