5 Baby Food Delivery Services That Won’t Disappoint

by Olivia Youngs

Making the transition to solids is an exciting stage of a baby's life. Although most moms have the desire to feed their babies organic, farm-fresh foods lovingly prepared in their own pristinely cleaned kitchens. Unfortunately, between jobs, busy schedules, and real life, store bought baby food from a jar is the most practical (and affordable) alternative. But even then, getting to the store with a fussy baby in tow is no easy feat. Many moms have likely asked themselves "can you get fresh baby food delivered to your doorstep?" After all, this is the 21st Century. A mom should be able to have fresh baby food delivered to her door so she can have some actual free time.

It turns out that there is a growing selection of brands that care about your baby's health and transition to solids as much as you do. They're committed to buying the best (usually organic) ingredients, using them to create delicious foods, and sending them right to your home. These subscription based services essentially take all of the stress and anxiety out of the equation when it comes to feeding your baby healthy solids. And when it comes to your mental sanity and your baby's health, there's no question that it's an investment worth making.



Started by real moms and designed by pediatricians and nutritionists, Yumi is a newly launched baby food brand that "reimagines" traditional baby food and then ships it right to your doorstep. With plans starting at $50 per shipment and purees made with organic ingredients you can trust, Yumi takes all of the hard work out of starting solids for your little one.


Little Spoon

With the motto that "baby food shouldn't be older than your baby," Little Spoon uses fresh, organic fruits and veggies to create their blends and lets you create totally customizable orders that are shipped to your door on a schedule you set. They don't use pouches, but instead ship their blends in reusable jars that allow your baby to learn to chew and explore their food, not just suck through a pouch. You can request an invite through their website and sign up for whatever plan fits your life.


Bambinos Baby Food

Beyond traditional purees, Bambinos Baby Food believes that the quality and type of food a child eats is directly related to their quality of health and life. Founded by a working mom, the brand creates organic, frozen, whole food meals including carrots, peas, and yams, fish, stews, and even cookies packed with nutrients your baby needs.

The company has also created the first peanut allergy prevention cookie that can help reduce your little's chance of developing the allergy by up to 80 percent. Designed and harvested in Alaska and shipped all over the U.S., Bambinos is a delivery service unlike any other.


Liv Healthy Baby Food

Helping facilitate the transition from purees to solids, Liv Healthy Baby Foods creates fresh baby food daily and ships it to your door in glass, zero waste, jars. Choose from Stage One, Stage Two, or Stage Three, and receive enough baby food for the entire week in one shipment. With options under $50, they're one of the more affordable baby food delivery services out there.


Early Bird Cookery

Early Bird Cookery prepares organic, fresh meals for babies, toddlers, older kids, and even adults. The ingredients are gluten-free, organic, and grow by local farmers.