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This Runner Got Pregnant Without A Period

by Korey Lane

Taking care of your body is one of the most important things you can do in life. But with so many conflicting schools of thought on the matter, it can be tricky learning what's right for you. Some professionals say juicing is good for you, others say it's not. Some experts advise eating clean, while others encourage a strict workout regimen. But the thing is, every body is different. Any activity, taken to extreme lengths, can result in certain consequences and physical tolls, such as losing the ability to menstruate. But, can you get pregnant if you don't have a period? This runner proves it's possible — well, sort of.

Professional runner Tina Muir announced her pregnancy via her blog, "Running For Real With Tina Muir," and an Instagram post over the weekend. And while all pregnancies are special, Muir's is somewhat spectacular in its own way. After going nine years without a period, Muir announced in May that she was taking a break from running (she had stopped in March) to gain weight, get her cycle back on track, and maybe, just maybe, get pregnant.

Well now, it seems that her dedication has paid off, because Muir's cycle is back, and her little baby is due February of 2018!

Writing on her blog, Muir said,

Through some miracle, I didn’t even get to have one period since my recovery from amenorrhea, I got pregnant on the first egg my body had released in 9 years!

So, while Muir definitely had to do some work in order to get pregnant, she didn't technically have to get her period back first. Her timing truly was perfect, and she was able to conceive with just one egg. However, that doesn't mean Muir regrets taking a break from running.

So for 10 long weeks, I fought those inner demons telling me I was getting fat (and I beat them down, its amazing how little I hear them anymore), I didn’t run a step, I rested, I ate whatever the heck I wanted, and I trusted in my body to tell me when it was ready.

And listening to your body isn't always easy, as Muir can attest to. In order to get pregnant, she gained weight, went to an OBGYN regularly, and tracked her progress. According to her blog, it wasn't a quick process. "It took my body 10 weeks and just 15 pounds of weight gain to release that first egg," she wrote. "Slap bang in the middle of the time my doctors predicted."

So, for anyone else struggling with fertility, Amenorrhea, or anything else, just remember what Muir learned from her doctor about periods and pregnancy:

She told me that my body would have been in such a fearful state for such a long time, that once they do come back, that is my body telling me that all systems are firing, everything is safe and working. We are fine to start trying right away.

So, no matter how long you might be struggling with Amenorrhea, it is possible to conceive, and to overcome it. Because women's bodies are amazing, and capable of just about anything.