The Truth About Postpartum Orgasms

The first weeks after giving birth can be some of the most trying weeks a mother experiences, especially if you've just given birth to your first child. It's no secret that your life completely changes when you bring a baby into the world, but what about your sex life? The idea of having sex after you've just pushed a tiny human out of your body can seem less than appealing, there will come a time when your sex drive comes back to you. And when it does, you might be wondering, can you have an orgasm postpartum?

The answer is yes, but the variables of child birth may make it more or less complicated than before. Though the childbirth process can do a number on your vagina, barring any severe complications, given time and a little bit of elbow grease, your vagina (and all of it's miraculous capabilities) should return to its former self. Which means yes, you'll be able to have an orgasm after you have a baby. Childbirth doesn't completely wreck your vagina, because your vagina is crazy amazing.

However, depending on how you like to orgasm, and how you gave birth, you may have difficult reaching climax with your partner (or even on your own) until your hormones even out. Because your body and hormones change so drastically during pregnancy, childbirth, and especially postpartum, you may find that your sex drive feels depleted in comparison to what it used to be. Specifically , low levels of estrogen can impact how sexy you feel, according to Psychology Today.

If you've given birth vaginally, doctors usually recommend waiting at least six weeks after delivery to allow your vagina to heal before attempting penetration with your partner, according to Self. This is because without allowing your vagina to heal properly, you could cause an infection. But clitoral stimulation? That's something you can work with, as soon as you feel comfortable. Everyone recovers from birth and starts feeling themselves (figuratively and literally) at different speeds. So if you've got a friend who felt like a sex goddess at four weeks postpartum, and you're still feeling like a desert wasteland at eight weeks, don't worry. Everybody functions at different speeds when it comes to getting back to their sexual selves.

According to a She Knows interview with Dr. Randy Fink, if you're ready to be sexual with your partner (or yourself) there's no reason you can't practice sensual intimacy as soon as you're ready. Fink recommended massage and sexual touching as a means to pleasure outside of penetration. “Even though we recommend no penetration, there is nothing that says either partner can’t enjoy an orgasm… or three,” Fink said. Though you may struggle to have an orgasm after birth, there's no reason you can't find your way back to climax with a little bit of experimentation.