Can You Have Period Sex? 7 Tips To Get It On When Aunt Flo Visits

Period sex is one of those divisive topics that affects almost every couple. Some people are not even phased by it, while others opt to take a weeklong hiatus from any form of intimacy. But can you have period sex safely and not freak out your SO?

In a word: yes. According to the National Health Services, however, it may be easier to transmit STIs during this time. So if you and your SO are not fluid bonded (i.e. you'd agreed to stop using protection), then a condom would be a good idea. Not trying for a baby right now? As explained by the American Pregnancy Association, it is possible to get pregnant while having period sex (although not super likely). So again, to be extra careful you might want to use protection during this time.

Now for the more psychological part: how do you and your SO feel about period sex? Well, this is the time for some super honest conversation. Chances are, your partner may not be as grossed out by period sex as your might fear. And thankfully, there are tons of ways to work around shark week so that you can still enjoy sex without destroying all of your bedsheets. Read on for the best period sex tips imaginable.


Use A Towel

The first tip is also the most simple. Use the advice from Glamour and put a towel over the bed before getting busy. It will protect your sheets and make cleanup easy.


Go For The Shower

The shower is pretty much made for period sex. According to Refinery 29, having sex in the shower is an easy way to stay clean and protect all of your furniture. Plus, a change of scenery is always fun.


Consider PIV Alternatives

Shark week may be an ideal time for experimentation. As explained in Self, you and your SO can opt for oral sex (keep it above the clit if your partner's going down on you) or any other alternative. Why not try something new?


Try Other Positions

Again, this is a great time to break out of your usual patterns. According to Cosmopolitan, opting for doggy style — or even going at it against the wall — will keep the mess to a minimum and add a little spice to your bedroom repertoire. Feeling adventurous?


Use Barriers

You can use all sorts of methods to manage the mess. As explained on The University of California's SexInfo Online, using a menstrual cup, condom, or even a diaphragm may help greatly reduce your flow (or at least make cleanup easier). You may never have to endure a week of unwilling celibacy again.


Keep A Washcloth Handy

This is also on the list of super-simple tips. As noted in Women's Health magazine, keeping a warm, damp washcloth nearby will help make cleanup easier. Bonus tip: invest in some dark towels and use them specifically for this purpose.


Focus On Other Areas

If you want to avoid any mess altogether, that's cool too. According to Health, you can just leave a tampon or menstrual cup in and have your SO focus on clitoral stimulation. Everyone wins.