Can You Have Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup?

fsoft menstrual cups are best to wear when having sexNo one has a bigger c*ck block than Mother Nature. There's nothing like remembering you're on your period to kill the mood and bring a make out session to a screeching halt. While it's no big deal for some, having sex during that time of the month is something others are not comfortable with. Although totally possible, it is, in a word, messy. But thanks to a special brand of feminine hygiene products, keeping things tidy while getting busy has become a whole lot easier. If you've been asking can you have sex while wearing a menstrual cup I have your answer.

The short answer is, yes. But before you run to the pharmacy to load up, there are some facts you need to know first, because not all menstrual cups are the same. There are two main types of menstrual cups: the disposable version, which is soft and flexible, and the reusable kind that is made from rubber or silicone. Although both types are designed for the collection of menstrual blood, only one is safe for use during intercourse.

Due to it's design, the soft menstrual cups are best to wear when having sex during Aunt Flo's visit. Manufacturers of this type of cup — such a Soft Cup — recommend inserting a new menstrual cup before getting down to business. Even on heavy flow days, having the menstrual cup in will give you the opportunity to have clean and comfortable sex, period be damned.

If this isn't enough reason to celebrate, chances are you won't even feel the cup while doing the deed. Meaning you can focus all your energy on feeling good and forget any worries you once had about period sex. No matter which week of the month it is, you should be able to enjoy an active sex life — giving you this freedom is just one of the advantages of using a menstrual cup.

If you've never used a menstrual cup before, you are going to want to try it out before wearing one during sex. It may take a few tries to learn how to properly use a menstrual cup. If you've used tampons and are comfortable with that process, you should catch on to using menstrual cups in no time. But since everyone's body is different, you may have some trial and error with getting the insertion and fit just right. The good news is, there are videos like this one from Ruby Cup, that can guide you step-by-step through the process.

Once you have become comfortable with using a menstrual cup and know how it feels in your body, you are ready to rock and roll with using them during sex.

Although a it does create a barrier to collect the flow of blood, it is important to note that menstrual cups are not a form of contraception. Even though it is made from the same material as condoms, wearing a menstrual cup during sex will not protect against STD's or pregnancy, so make sure to have another method of protection in place.

Maybe you are one of those who let your period stop you from knockin' boots? Perhaps you were fine with having sex during your period but felt awkward about the mess factor? Either way, the menstrual cup can provide liberation for any woman who doesn't want to let Mother Nature come between her and her orgasms.