Can You Have Sex With A Cerclage?

Pregnancy sex is a wonderful thing for many people, but there are circumstances in which sex could complicate a pregnancy. Like in the case of a cerclage, for example. Can you have sex with a cerclage in place, or is it better to hold off on intercourse for the time being? As with most everything related to pregnancy health, the answer will vary from person to person.

To start, it is helpful to understand a little more about the cerclage, which is a medical procedure aimed at preventing premature labor and delivery. According to the Mayo Clinic, a cervical cerclage uses stitches to shut the cervix, decreasing the chance of a premature delivery. As far as treating cervical incompetence, the procedure is often beneficial. In fact, as noted by the American Pregnancy Association (APA), cervical cerclage procedures tend to be successful 85 to 90 percent of the time. But to be clear: the cervix is literally sewn closed during this process.

With this in mind, how might a cervical cerclage affect a person's sex life? Well, individual situations will vary, but the consensus seems to be: err on the side of caution. According to the website for Fit Pregnancy, it is crucial to refrain from any sort of vaginal penetration for at least a week following the cerclage procedure. In some instances, the sexual hiatus might go on for much longer than one week. And as explained by a 2011 article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, doctors commonly advise patients with a cervical cerclage to refrain from many sexual activities. Holding off on sex sometimes falls into the "might help, can't hurt" school of thought.

Does this mean anyone with a cervical cerclage must abstain from all sexual contact until the baby arrives? As with all things related to individual health and pregnancy, it is best to get direct instructions about care from a doctor. In certain instances, bed rest with no sexual or orgasmic activity may be the best bet. In other circumstances, however, some sexual intercourse might be safe. Ask a doctor if and when it will be safe to resume sexual activity after a cervical cerclage, as advised by the Summit Medical Group Foundation. Even if you do have to put the kibosh on sex for the pregnancy's duration, remember it will not last forever. Once the baby arrives, get as sexy as you want.