How To Know If You’re Having Too Much Rough Sex

Every couple’s sex life is different. Those who enjoy rough sex, often enjoy the act because it makes them feel powerful and intimate on a whole new level. (And because some people enjoy having a bit of pain with their pleasure.) For those enjoying forceful play, however, you may have questions about rough sex safety and frequency. Like, can you have too much rough sex? It's good to research safety and know how to prevent rough sex from becoming too intense or potentially damaging before getting too involved.

Although gauging how much rough sex is too much is more of an individual call, there are some key indicators that should alert you to slow down or make some adjustments. According to New Health Advisor, there are a few signs that you may be having too much rough sex, including burns, bruises, soreness, or swelling. Changing up your moves and the frequency is one way to help avoid those aches and pains. Additionally, Family Doctor suggested you stretch, rest, a heating pad, lots of water, or even take a bath to help with the ailments that come from rough sex.

It’s important to educate yourself on how to keep the pain during rough sex from becoming damaging. For example, when using toys, do your research and know how to use them correctly. Or, if you’re into something more specific during rough sex like choking, make sure you and your partner are doing it safely, as pressure should never be applied to the front of the throat.

But even once you've educated yourself on safety, there are still some things that can happen if you're having rough sex too often. According to WebMD, frequent kidney infections, yeast infections, or urinary tract infections are all signs that you're having rough sex too much. It makes sense though when you consider that rough sex is more likely to cause tiny abrasions along the vaginal wall, which can allow bacteria to get to into the body according to Sweetie Bomb. So if you find you’re constantly dealing with infections, it may be a good idea to pull back on rough sex and give your body more time to recuperate.

Ultimately, this is something that varies from person to person. There are going to be different limits for every couple, and if you start noticing things like consistent UTIs or constant pain, you may want to consider pulling back and even reaching out to your doctor.