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It Turns Out, You Can Have Too Much Sex

It's natural to wonder about your individual sexual habits and how they stack up against the majority of people. Sure, being confident in your own actions and desires is healthy, but it's normal to consider what everyone else is doing behind closed doors. For instance, can you have too much sex, or is that not really a possibility?

For starters, deciding what constitutes a normal amount of sex is pretty tricky. On average, however, SELF noted that couples have sex about once a week. It's hard to imagine someone who has sex two or three times a week being considered a nympho, though. So how much is too much?

In general, the body is not going to experience bad consequences from sex. According to Go Ask Alice, most healthy people won't have physiological problems from having sex every day. As long as both partners are up for it and happy with that frequency, daily sex is not too much for most people. You do you.

And if you're harboring any fears about a body getting too "loose" after loads of sex, let that stuff go. Frequent sex does not permanently loosen the vagina, according to Psychology Today. Think about it: the vagina is designed to birth children. A little penetration is not a big deal to it.

Although healthy adults can have frequent sex, there are some potential consequences to consider. Concerns about STIs, unexpected pregnancy, and general sexual health still matter. Additionally, people who are prone to getting UTIs after sex may want to take special precautions to keep everything free from these annoying infections. Overall, the idea is to stay healthy and happy while enjoying the amount of sex you want.

In some instances, though, having a lot of sex may point to a potential concern. If the desire for sex is all-consuming, or it results in risky, compulsive behaviors, then these may be signs of a sexual addiction, according to Everyday Health. Seeing a counselor is a good step in addressing these potential problems. For most people, however, frequent sex is just a sign of a high libido, not a tremendous problem.