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Hiring Corinne's Nanny May Be Possible

The reverberations are still being felt after Corinne dropped the bomb on The Bachelor that she still has a nanny at the age of 24. Her nanny, a woman named Raquel, must be exceptionally good at her job to hold onto her nannying tasks long after her charge's age went into the double digits. Raquel's list of talents is long and varied: she makes beds, does laundry, and is a culinary expert responsible for such gourmet meals as cucumber slices, lemon salad, and cheese pasta. Anyone would be jealous of Corinne's au pair, which begs the question: can you hire The Bachelor's Raquel as a nanny?

It seems like Raquel is pretty settled in her current place of work — at least according to Corinne, who asserted in Episode 4 that Raquel's nannying duties "make her happy." If you were in the market for a nanny and Raquel's specific skill set appeals to you, then presumably you could hire her as long as you lived in the Miami area and met her rates. But considering she doesn't appear to be looking for employment elsewhere at the moment — if she is, it hasn't been made public knowledge — then it would be pretty creepy to track her down and try to employ her solely for the LOLs.

But don't worry – you can always find a nanny of your very own! If you have the funds, I'm sure someone will be willing to do the job.

Despite the questionable joys to be found in making beds and serving sliced vegetables to women in their mid-twenties, Raquel may not be interested in looking elsewhere for employment. Corinne has said that Raquel is a part of the family, though she isn't easy to find on Corinne's social media outside of defenses of Raquel that usually get deleted shortly after they're posted.

"Everyone needs to relax about the nanny thing," Corinne wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "Raquel is part of my family so calling her a house keeper or Cleaning lady is disrespectful." There's no denying that, though calling Raquel a nanny still feels undeniably strange; perhaps after taking care of Corinne for years they just never negotiated Raquel's title from nanny to assistant. No matter what you call her, it seems like Corinne and Raquel are very close.

So if you're looking to employ Raquel, you might be out of luck. It would be kind of hard to find her without knowing her last name. And are you really going to stop a woman's happiness by stealing her away from her place of work? So sorry, my friends, but at this point in time, Corinne's nanny is already taken.