Can You Listen To The JonBenet Ramsey 911 Call? You Can, But You May Not Want To

One of the most pored over pieces of evidence in the JonBenét Ramsey murder case is the 911 call her mother Patsy placed on the night she was discovered missing. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this is what implicates a member of the Ramsey family in JonBenét's murder, so the recording of the call will almost certainly play a part in the forthcoming CBS docu-series The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey. It aims to reexamine the evidence with original and new investigators alike to try and recreate what happened that night. So can you listen to the JonBenét Ramsey 911 call? You can, but it's pretty difficult to listen to.

It's Patsy Ramsey's voice on the recording, which is brutally distressed, having just learned her daughter has been kidnapped from a ransom note found at the top of her basement stairs. The 911 operator sounds suspiciously dismissive, which only further aggravates Ramsey. Eventually, she slams the phone down on the receiver out of frustration, but some say the call did not immediately disconnect. This is the nascence of one of the biggest conspiracy theories in the case. The tape has been examined by nine audio labs, including ones at the FBI and the US Secret Service.

While it is up to you if you decide to listen to the 911 tape, you have to remember that this is a moment for a mother — Patsy — in which her world came crashing down. At the time, she only believed her daughter was missing, she didn't know that JonBenét was dead in the basement. The call certainly highlights just how distressed she is about the situation, as any parent would be.

The case, while never solved and often hyped up by media, is at its core, about the death of a little girl. It is tragic and devastating. Hopefully The Case Of is able to give the surviving family some closure, or at the very least, some hope that the killer of JonBenét will one day find justice.