Turns Out, You Can Orgasm While You Sleep

Sleeping people do all kinds of weird things, from talking to eating to sleepwalking. But for some lucky folks, deep slumbers can mean sexy encounters, at least in the imagination. With this in mind, can you orgasm in your sleep, or is that activity reserved for your waking hours?

As it turns out, most humans have the ability to orgasm while sleeping. According to the website for Women's Health, women can indeed have dreams that cause a full orgasm. Making sense of this in the waking hours, however, may prove tricky. For men, this activity often occurs with a bit of telltale evidence. Women, though, may wake up with nothing more than the vague memory of a hot dream.

What causes this nighttime wonder? It's all about the way your brain operates in sleep mode. According to SexInfo Online, when your sleeping brain enters the rapid eye movement, or REM, stage, blood flow increases all over your body, including the genital region. Increased blood flow is also associated with sexual arousal, and on occasion your body will follow through with this process to its eventual end: orgasm.

Determining how common sleepgasms are for women is a tricky practice. According to a 1986 study from The Journal of Sex Research, 37 percent of women self-reported experiencing a nocturnal orgasm. But because this study is 30 years old and drew from a sample size of 245 university students, it is difficult to say whether this stat currently represents most women's experiences.

Additionally, dreamland is not the only unexpected place some women experience orgasms. In fact, the "coregasm," AKA exercise-induced orgasm, is a real thing, according to Bustle. Apparently you can do a few abdominal exercises one minute and experience an orgasm the next. Oh, and external stimulation isn't always required. As noted by Your Tango, it's possible to orgasm through thought alone, using a sort of meditative technique. It looks like "mindgasms" are real. Whether you're sleeping, working out, or just letting your thoughts roll by, it looks like most any everyday activity can result in a climax. With these possibilities, who needs vibrators?