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You Might Be Able To Remove Followers On Instagram Soon

Instagram is easily one of the most loved apps out there these days. Between the app's fun and unique features — like IGTV and polls — to being able to keep up with your best friends and your favorite celebs at the same time, it's easy to see why people are glued to their phones all the time. But among all these updates, has one ever been created that will let you remove followers on Instagram so certain people can't see what you're posting and sharing? According to a new report from The Verge, you might be able to soon enough.

As reported by The Verge on Tuesday, Instagram users could soon be able to remove followers from their public page if they wish. The app has reportedly started "testing the ability to manually remove followers" on a wider scale, according to The Verge, which added that a spokesperson for the app confirmed they're testing it out right now. But don't expect to see the feature just yet; as it's reportedly in testing, it's only available to some users right now and Instagram has not yet commented on when it'd make it fully available to all users. Romper's request for comment from Instagram regarding the feature was not immediately returned.

While being able to remove followers from a public profile might seem pointless to some, it could be quite useful for a lot of people. This can come in handy for anyone who has checked out the people viewing their Instagram Story and didn't like who they saw, and can force someone to stop liking your stuff when they just can't take a hint.

Users who have a private account already enjoy this feature. If your account is set to private, according to Instagram, users who go into their followers list will be able to find three dots beside each username. All those users have to do is click on those dots and select "remove," according to the app. This isn't a new feature for those with private accounts, according to Business Insider. In 2016, Instagram rolled out this feature for private users so they could remove people from following them without blocking them. This way, the removed followers could always request to follow private users again somewhere down the line (which is kind of like being unfriended on Facebook).

So, if Instagram users want to get this feature sooner than others (and don't mind having an extra layer of privacy to their account), they can switch their accounts to private right away. But in the meantime, they'll have to wait for Instagram to roll out this feature to every account — both private and public — and it is unclear how long that could take.

Although it might not sound different, this feature is pretty different from blocking another user, according to The Verge. When you block one of your followers on Instagram, those (now former) followers won't be able to find your account through search, see your posts, or see your Instagram Story, according to Instagram. This is a much more permanent way to get people to unfollow you — but it's very permanent.

Even before Instagram started testing new features, people on Twitter were already begging Instagram to create this feature.

Within a matter of time, public Instagram users will hopefully be able to really choose who they want following them. Although it might seem like a small new addition to the super cool things that you can do on Instagram, it will definitely have a big impact for users when the feature hopefully makes its way across the platform.