Can You Replace Recalled Tommee Tippee Parts? Continuing To Use Affected Lids Is Unsafe

At the end of May, Mayborn USA voluntarily recalled five versions of its popular Tommee Tippee cups, due to the risk of accumulating mold in the cups' associated one-piece valves. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over three million cups were affected, and there's been over 3,000 reports of mold in the cups' one-piece white valves. The CPSC has also received over 60 reports of children experiencing vomiting or diarrhea due to ingesting mold from the cups. If you have an affected Tommee Tippee sippy cup, you might be wondering: Can you simply replace recalled Tommee Tippee parts, or are you stuck replacing the entire cup?

While the valve is the only affected part of the cup, Mayborn USA is asking customers to return the cup's entire lid, including the valve, for a replacement cup. If you only have the valve (or even just the receipt!), you can still receive a replacement cup from the company.

And if you love the current base of your cup, some of which come branded with smart-aleck phrases like "You Pour I'll Fling" and "Drink Drop Repeat," you're in luck. Tommee Tippee cups are designed to have interchangeable lids, so whether you receive a replacement cup from Mayborn USA or decide to just use a different, safe-valved Tommee Tippee lid, you can keep using your toddler's favorite base and simply replace the lid.

If you decide to take Mayborn USA up on its offer of free replacement cups, start by filling in some basic information on its Tommee Tippee recall form. From there, you can also select what replacement you'd like to receive: either a Transition Straw Cup (make sure the straw length will fit in your current cup bases) or a Trainer Sippee Cup. Mayborn USA will then email you with a postage-paid shipping address and tracking number. Send in your old lid and valve, post it, and then wait for your selected replacement to make its way to your house. Ta-da! You've now got a free replacement for the recalled parts, and a new base to switch things up with.

Can you keep the lid of your current cup and simply replace the valve? Unfortunately, no. The new replacement cups issued by Mayborn USA have either no valve or an easy-to-clean, two-piece valve that doesn't fit on current lids. If you have an affected cup, make sure you definitely return or toss the affected valve and replace it with a safe Tommee Tippee lid. Products affected include the First Sips Transition Cup, the Trainer Sippee Cup, the Sippee Cup, the Sportee Bottle, Insulated Sipper Tumbler, and the Cute Quips Sippee Cup.

Once you've replaced the affected cup's lid (either through Mayborn USA or on your own), feel free to reuse the cup bases and enjoy!