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If You Don't Have A Gift Receipt, Here's How Toys "R" Us Handles Returns

When the gift-giving flurry of the holiday season subsides, parents must deal swiftly and efficiently with duplicate presents, as well as any gadgets that are just too annoying to keep in the house (I'm looking at you, Singing Puppy). However, not everyone remembers to include a receipt with their Ninjago Legos. So can you return gifts at Toys "R" Us without a gift receipt, or is it a lost cause?

The good news is that both Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us have you covered when it comes to returning unwanted toys — receipt or not. Under their Holiday Return Policy, presents purchased after Sept. 1, 2017 can be returned by Jan. 28, 2017 with a sales receipt, gift receipt, or online packing slip. This means that if the present shipped directly from the toy company, you can return it along with the shipping info that came in the box, no receipt necessary. (The online packing slip proves that your gift actually came from Toys "R" Us, and not, say, Walmart.) However, if a friend or relative bought your toy directly from a store, the return process is a bit trickier. Essentially, all returns without a receipt are considered on a case-by-case basis.

A Toys "R" Us employee tells Romper that when it comes to returning a toy without a gift receipt, it's up to the individual store to decide whether or not to accept it. He strongly suggests calling the store in advance. Unfortunately, you can't get cash back without a receipt — only store credit, which at least aligns with the spirit of the gift. After all, someone wanted your child to get something from Toys "R" Us, and there are literally thousands of Disney and Star Wars-themed gizmos to choose from. Keep in mind that those Batman figurines must be in good condition, and still in their original packing.

If Toys "R" Us offers you credit, expect to hand over your ID. In order to prevent "return fraud," which is apparently a serious thing at the big box chains, they'll keep your information on file to make sure you're not returning products all over the state as part of a scam. Among valid forms of ID are a current driver's license, a state identification card, a military ID, and a passport.

Sadly, there's one major caveat for returning certain types of gifts without a receipt — basically, Toys "R" Us doesn't accept video games, video game accessories, electronics, music electronics, computer software, DVDs, radio control items, collectibles, or trading cards without proof of purchase, ever. According to Consumerist, this is a firm no-return policy unique to Toys "R" Us, and totally unlike the return policies at other chains like Walmart and Target.

So if Uncle Jack sent little Timmy a Pac Man computer game from Toys "R" Us, your best bet is to call and ask him to send his receipt. Just explain you already have that game, can't stand the little beeps, don't own a PC, or whatever works. Then expedite his thank-you card and invite him to dinner next time he's in town. He'll be OK.

Bottom line: Toys "R" Us will probably accept a return of any toy still in its original shrink wrap, even if you don't have a receipt, though some stores may be stricter about this than others. Because of return fraud, they'll ask for your ID and enter you into their system. Unfortunately, if you're trying to return a video game or trading card set to Toys "R" Us, you're probably out of luck. But hey, you can still sell it on Amazon, right?

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