Can You Save Someone Else's Instagram Live Video? The Update Offers New Options

Live streams are huge on social media lately, making things more up-close and personal — and perhaps more invasive — than ever. Instagram's live video feature, for instance, enables users to interact directly with creators, allowing viewers to comment and send their likes throughout the duration of the live stream. But can you save someone else's Instagram live video? If Kylie Jenner throws your handle a shoutout, you'll definitely want to archive the moment forever for, you know, posterity and stuff.

Instagram revealed the details on its new update in — what else — an Instagram post, as well as on the company's blog. Officials explained:

Starting today, you’ll have the option to save your live video to your phone at the end of a broadcast. While live videos will continue to disappear from the app when you’re done, this update gives you the flexibility to hold onto your video and re-watch it later.

The method for how to save an Instagram live video is pretty simple. Post-broadcast, users can tap "Save" and then "Done," downloading the video to their phone's camera roll. Unfortunately, though, the functionality is still pretty limited as "you’ll only be able to save your video — not the comments, likes, number of viewers or any live interactions" that happened while you were broadcasting live on Instagram. Bummer.

Seeing that users are already limited in what Instagram will and won't allow to be saved for their own videos, you've probably already guessed that saving someone else's Instagram live video is totally off the table. Currently, you're not even allowed to save someone else's already-published Instagram Story. Thus, it seems like celebrity's videos can only officially be saved by the streamers themselves — at least until the next update rolls around.

If you're absolutely hellbent on saving someone else's Instagram Story (but not their live stream), there are a few, um, "workarounds" at your disposal. First, you can download the Chrome IG Story extension to your browser. From here, you can view users' Stories, notification-free. In order to save the stories, right click on the user's circular, IG-story icon, and click "Download." From there, you should have a file saved to your PC. As far as saving Instagram Stories goes, it's definitely the sneakiest way to go about things.

Image courtesy of Cameron Norsworthy

In the grand scheme of things, Instagram's relatively late to the game. Facebook and Periscope have allowed live videos to be saved by their respective creators for some time, so it's anyone's guess as to why it took the app so long to get on board. Many think that saving the videos defeats the whole purpose of it being "live", but remember: Instagram live stories will still disappear after 24 hours like usual.

For now, it seems that those looking to save a Kylie Jenner shout-out will have to wait to preserve their most special of memories — unless, of course, another clever Chrome plug-in comes into play.