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Can You See Who Saves Your Instagram Photos To Their Profile? It's Your Little Secret

If you're absolutely loving Instagram's new features these days, then chances are you're taking full advantage of things like Instagram's live video feature. And if that's the case, then you're probably going to be into (or into already because, duh, you're ahead of the game) Instagram's update that allows you to save photos. You know, you see something or someone in an Instagram photo that you like and you want to save it for later. But in case you want to be a little discreet about your photo-saving adventures, then you'll probably want to know the answer to a very important question: Can you see who saves your Instagram photos to their profile? If you're trying to be low-key, then you're in luck.

Before Instagram released its feature that allows users to save photos, your options were limited to taking a screenshot (then of course your stuck cropping out the white spaces and evidence of the Instagram app around it), or as Mashable noted, downloading it from the Instagram website in your computer's browser. But thankfully now you can simply save your Instagram photo to either your phone, or someone else's to a private section of your Instagram profile, right from the app. The best part? If you're saving an Instagram photo from another profile to a private tab on your profile, the person whose photo your saving won't know that you've saved their photo. So yes, you're in the clear.

In an Instagram blog published last week, the company released information about its new photo-saving feature:

Starting today, you can save posts you’d like to revisit later. Now you’ll see a new bookmark icon underneath posts in your feed. Simply tap it to save a post to a new, private tab on your profile. There you can see all the posts you’ve saved — and they’re only visible to you. When you stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation, you can now keep track of favorite posts right from your profile.

In Instagram's help center, the company explains how the new photo-saving feature works. Once you tap the bookmark icon, you have officially saved the photo to a section of your profile that's only visible to you. "When you save someone's post, they're not able to tell that you've saved it," the post explains.

So the next time someone posts a picture of their amazing meal at a new hip trendy place you realize you must try – save it for later, they won't know you're completely drooling over their post.